White label applications and all about its development


Digital payments become increasingly popular because they are easy, fast and secure enough to satisfy both business and its customers. And one of the best solutions in this sphere is white label applications, like mobile wallets.

This kind of software is a chance for businesses to get their own branded app for financial transactions – and not only for that. When we call such system ‘white label’ it means that you can pay a specialized company for your app’s development. So you get a ready-to-use product at an acceptable price and in accordance with your demands.

White label applications, like virtual wallet app named mWallet created by the Wallet Factory Company, have numerous functions, and are not developed only for transactions. So it gives multiple opportunities to business as well to its clients and partners.

Integrated with your website, white label wallet tracks its guests’ behavior. It collects statistics about their preferred payment methods, favourites, consumer habits etc. And what’s more important, such soft analyses collected data in order to help you build strong relations with your customers. For example, by sending them useful notifications.

Also e-wallet is a flexible tool which allows you to pay not only with credit cards, but with mobile money, bank accounts, and even cryptocurrencies (if needed).

White label applications of this type help users take their finances under control. For example, wallet’s owner receives notifications about:

  •  Preauthorization;
  •  Debit operations;
  •  Credit transactions;
  •  And refunding.

After all, white label applications are secure. All the date is under strong protection. So keeping such applications, like digital wallets for payment transactions can be much safer than holding a traditional wallet with all that cash and credit cards.

Development of digital apps

Creating of such products as the Wallet Factory Company’s mWallet demands very professional and thoughtful approach. Usually the process consists of several stages. Taking into account that it’s a white label project, the first step is always related to future customization of the app for your business.

  •  At the very start the main task is a designation of future owner’s requirements and predesign. It can take several months, and includes implementation plans, IT architecture, specification, customization etc.
  •  During this period UI/UX designers work on your project, customization solutions are made, also there’s a need in manuals building-up and preparation of hosting. The final stage of the period is integration of the product.
  •  Since it’s so important that mobile payment platform and website could work correctly, the next stage is testing. It takes not less than 1 month, because all the bugs not just have to found, but all correction should be made, and then specialists check everything again, time by time.

If you finally have your own branded white label application, don’t forget, that you have a technical support by the company which created your soft. So you can be sure that your questions will be answered, and all new functions will be implemented.