Why Tech Startups Should Get Serious About Renewable Energy


Data on electricity consumption shows us that tech companies are hungry for electricity and gas. The size and complexity of data centers don’t cease to grow and the result is that energy consumption grows along with it. Tech companies are an important part of the problem, in other words, excessive energy use that exceeds the carrying capacity of the environment. The good news is that not all of them neglect their corporate social responsibility.

Renewable Energy and the Tech Industry

Green energy and tech may not seem like the most common couple but the two have more in common than we think. Businesses like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft fully understand that what they do affects the rest of society and the environment. Consequently, they are implementing renewable energy solutions to lessen their footprint. Some argue that tech companies have become smitten with clean energy. Taking into consideration that trillions of dollars have been invested in clean energy, it’s safe to say that they are right.

Google, for their part, made a really big investment in renewable energy back in 2014, acquiring Nest Labs that develops smart home products, like high-tech thermostats and smoke detectors. At the time, nobody understood why the company made such a move. Today, it’s impossible to tell whether or not the acquisition was or not successful. What is certain is that it drew massive attention towards efficiency technologies. Google wishes to reach 100 percent renewable energy for global operations.

What about the other businesses that focused on developing and manufacturing technology? Facebook bought renewable energy certificates in 2013, while Microsoft derives almost 50 percent of energy consumption from wind, solar, and hydropower sources. The main lesson to be learned from here is that the private sector is making an effort by investing in renewable energy.And they don’t do it just because they have the necessary capital. These companies are simply looking to be more sustainable.

What You Can Gain From Renewable Energy Use

We have all heard the saying “The little things can make a big difference” many times. There is no better time to make a change in the life of your startup company. Switching to energy solutions sourced from renewable energy, such as solar, and wind, is something you need to consider as well. At present, it’s not possible to overlook green energy anymore. The problems relating to commercial energy solutions affect your financial performance, as well as your market positioning.

Efficient energy is the first thing that your business should start with. If you have skipped this step, then you should devote your full attention to it now. What you should do, more precisely, is follow the example of big IT companies. You should move quickly and purchase energy and gas from renewable energy sources. Don’t you want to join the clean energy revolution?

Generally speaking, businesses underestimate the value of green energy. Companies don’t realize just how much they can gain from utilizing energy solutions for operational consumption. Your tech company may not consume more than 55,000 kWh in electricity or 200,000 kWh in gas per year. Even though you’re not a large enterprise, you should still make the switch to renewable energy. This is what you can gain from such a move:

·         Reducing Business Energy Costs

When you’re operating, you don’t consider the costs of energy and efficiency. You should, especially if you’re working long hours. If you’re a tech startup, it’s needless to say that every penny counts. The electric and gas bill comes at the end of every month, which means that it’s not an expenditure that you can avoid. US energy company American Power and Gas points out that the use of renewable energy doesn’t just help the planet, but also reduce operational costs for businesses and communities, so the financial factor should not be a problem.

·         Client Attitudes towards Renewable Energy

It’s tempting to think that clients don’t care if you use clean energy. You’ll be surprised to learn that consumers choose companies based on their commitment to reducing or eliminating dependence on fossil fuels. Did you really think that people love big names like Apple just because they offer great technology? If you wish to remain competitive in the tech industry, then you should no doubt invest in energy solutions that serve your needs and those of the clients..

·         Reliability and Resilience

The aim that tech companies have always wanted to fulfill is achieving reliability and resilience. Renewables like wind and solar are highly reliable. If, for instance, the equipment is damaged, the system continues to operate. Clean energy is what will successfully assist your business.

Find a Green Business Energy Supplier

The market is full of regulated companies that seek to provide renewable energy to businesses. The types of contracts that are offered to electricity and gas consumers are different. The most common types of contracts include fixed and flexible rates. What’s the difference? Well, fixed price rates that you pay exactly the same amount of money for each unit of electricity or gas that you utilize. Flexible rates, although a little bit risky, are advantageous in the sense that the price rises and falls together with the market price.

You can’t afford to ignore renewable energy stating that you’re not environmentally conscious. If you want to do business in the tech industry, you’re going to have to make an effort to power your company with renewable energy. It’s important to note that green business energy suppliers attract big businesses, as well as small ones. This translates into the fact that they have solutions to meet the needs of various tech companies. What you have to do now is find the best energy supplier for your business needs. To speed up things, you should consider getting in touch with an independent advisor. They will be able to find a good price for your electricity and gas bills; you can be sure of that.