Apple will be launching its new iPhone 11 in just few days on 13 September 2019 and that will be loaded with the new IOS 13. That will put an end to newer version being bale to get installed on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. That would make it difficult for people to enjoy the latest apps available in few months after the launch. This has happened in the past when Apple stopped its support for the older versions of iPhone and according to Rapid Phone Buyer a mobile phones recycling company based in the UK, this had adverse impact on the selling price of that model.

Fact: Apple has sold over 1 billion iPhones (1.2 Billion till the start of 2017)

It is expected that as soon as Apple launched its new IOS 13 the price of iPhone 6 will drop significantly and will loose more than 50% of its current value. These projections are based on the records help by Rapid Phone buyer. It can be said that this is the right time for you to sell your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Once the support of iPhone 6 will finish the demand from merchants and general public will also drop significantly and that will keep on pushing the price low. The same is the case what happened to iPhone 5. When Apple announced end if its support and security updates, the price dropped several folds and now there are not many people who would like to get their hands-on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.


Right now, can be said to be the best time to get rid of your iPhone 6 as the demand isn’t that low at the moment so you should seriously consider getting rid of your old iPhone 6. Because once the announcement is made, it more likely that the demand will drop as well. This trend has been going on since 2008 when Apple launched its first ever iPhone 3G. Although it was the first smart phone and did amazed mobile phone users and put Apple’s name as major players in mobile phone industry world wide but the more advanced models just within few years dropped its demand significantly and Apple decided to take off its support in 2011.  Now once iPhone 11 is launched support of all mobile phones manufactured before 2015 will stop making every model less desirable and useable.

Value of mobile phones depreciate more than any other gadgets. For instance, the most used laptops and gaming consoles are the most used gadgets after mobile phones and their average life span is over 36 months where as the average product life of a mobile phone is less than 24 months. Although one of the reasons for the life span to be much shorter can be said to be the fragile nature of the device and it being prone to getting broken easily.  But the reason for most of the devices not reaching end of their product life cycle is the advancements in technology. Typically, most of the mobile phone contracts sold in the UK are over 36 months and in that much time period more than 2 models are being launched on average of the same model which severely impact the demand of the model one has just came out of the contract. According to Rapid Phone Buyer on average a mobile phone has lost over 80% of its value before the 24 months contract finishes. Hence it can be said that one should not hold on loner to their old mobile phones especially if they are IOS Bases i.e. iPhones.