Why You Should Take Your Employees On A Trip To Edinburgh


Running a business is hard. When you have an office full of employees, as a boss, you have the tough challenge of keeping your staff happy with the office and maintaining their productivity. If employees are not valued in an office, employee turnover gets uncontrollable. As a result, you may lose your business. 

Among many ways of keeping employees content, corporate retreats are very effective. You can take your employees on a short trip to motivate them to do better. All Londoners love to take a city break once in a while. Taking your employees to Edinburgh can be a great choice. Here are some things that you can do in Edinburgh. 

  1. Go On A Hike 

If you have bought train tickets from London to Edinburgh for your employees, then taking them to climb Arthur’s seat can be a great way to help them stretch their legs. Hiking is a great way to help your employees act like a team. 

Teamwork and trusting your colleagues in the hour of need are two essential parts of building a successful team for your business. Taking your employees on a hiking trip can help you achieve these goals. Plus point is, your team will love to experience an extinct Volcano in a picturesque landscape. 

  1. Enjoy Leith’s Nightlife 

Your team might want to take a break from the hectic routine and enjoy the trip to the maximum. Make sure that you have arranged a night in the Leith district. This place is becoming increasingly famous among people who love to party.

Your group can enjoy musical and theatrical performances while enjoying piping hot street food and dancing their shoes off. 

  1. Sunbathe At Portobello Beach 

For the day, you can arrange a trip to the coastal site of Edinburgh. Your team can sunbathe on the sandy beach, play games, or hit the entertainment arcade. This can be a great way to bond together and get to know each other informally. 

You can interact with your team and show them your lighter shade. It can be a great chance to improve your relationship with your employees. When employees can interact with their boss outside the office setting, they will feel more valued in the office. 

  1. Movie Night At Cameo 

Lighten up the mood of your office team by taking them to watch a film at Cameo. It is a century-old theater that plays foreign as well as local films. This can be great entertainment for your employees. 

The comfiest seats in the cinema can provide a great experience for your team. You can catch up at the bar later to grab a pint and discuss the night. 

  1. Enjoy A Gig Night

Gigs are another great way to bring your team closer to each other. Sneaky Pete is a great live bar and club where you can take your employees to relax and unwind from the tiring week. 

Gigs can help you find out the most talented employees you have around the office.