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A developer friendly tool that will ease out the debugging process and speeds up the code re-test speed.

WP Reset plugin is the real deal for theme and plugin developers. It quickly Resets the database of the site without harming the files. The plugin is safe and secure to use with multiple fail-safe mechanisms that protect your data from accidental loss.

WP Reset pluginhas various features and uses let have a quick look at them.

Features of the plugin


This feature of WP Reset pluginwill let you Reset multiple sites altogether, but as per the developers, the feature still has to pass some test for user reliability. You can try this on subsites but if you try this on the main site be a little careful.


WP-CLI support comes along with wp Reset.  The help commands can be found using wp help Reset. It is suggested not to skip confirmation as the changes made after Reset are irreversible but if you know what you are doing, use –yes to skip the confirmation.

You can know more about this on: wphtacess.com


A database snapshot is mainly used as a development tool. It creates the same copy of the Wp database tables; files are excluded in snapshots. Database snapshots can also be used as a backup utility, but the wp Reset developers suggest to use a different tool for backups. Snapshots help to find out the amendments made by a plugin in the database and keep an eye on every changes a plugin made to the database. It can also be used to restore the development environment after tests.


•    Delete transients – deletes the transient related database entries.

•    Delete uploads – delete the files and folder in the /uploads/ folder of your database.

•    Delete plugins – deletes all plugins excluding WP Reset which remains active even after the Reset.

•    Reset theme options – restores all options for all themes installed that use the WP theme mods API.

•    Delete themes – deletes every theme and its settings.

•    Empty or delete custom tables –  deletes all custom database tables.

•    Delete .htaccess file – deletes the .htaccess file.

So these were the features/tools that WP Reset offers. Let us move towards the functions of WP Reset plugin.


•    all posts, pages, custom post types, comments, media entries, users

•    all default WP database table entries

•    Every custom database tables that have the same name table prefix as the one defined in wp-config.php

The following changes will not take place using the Wp Reset.


•    media files – they will still exist in the wp-uploads folder fresh but will no longer be listed under Media in admin

•    plugins, themes, uploads – everything stays at its place

•    Site title, WordPress address, site address, site language, and search engine visibility settings will not be compromised.

•    Currently logged in user will be restored with the current username and password in the database.

When you click on the Reset button, you will be asked to reassure your submission as it can not be reversed once the Reset is done. WP Reset pluginwill be activated as soon as the process is finished.

Final Words

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