10 Mobile Apps That College Students Should Not Miss


Mobile technology is one of the fastest-growing aspects of our day to day lives as we progress further into the future. Technological advancements have helped us carry out our engagements and activities with the utmost efficiency. For students, life couldn’t be more hectic. As technology improves further, the difficulty of the student’s tasks adapts to it too.

Thankfully, technological advancements come with a good side too. A lot of people developed numerous apps that help students organize their day, help them with their notes, and some can even solve calculus problems. Here are the ten mobile apps that students should not miss:


This app takes note-taking on a whole new level. It’s available on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It also serves as your pocket notebook and to-do-list maker. Whether you’re an undergrad, or taking up your master’s degree, Evernote will make your student life efficient as it organizes your notes, course works, and assignments.

Microsoft Office Lens

If your professor makes it hard for you to write notes in your notebook, Office Lens might help you with that. It takes pictures of documents and whatever is written on a whiteboard. It automatically adjusts and enhances your image so that it will look like a scanned document and makes it editable in Word.

Grammarly Keyboard

How nice is it to write legibly and correct, right? But it is much more helpful to have a grammar checker on your phone so that you don’t have to worry about being called out by Grammar Nazis when you post something wrong on your social media accounts. This app checks your sentences, but sadly, it does not have a Grammarly word count feature yet.


Sure, a thesis is a pain for all college students out there, and we all know that creating citations is just another load of stress. Thankfully, EasyBib, a citation generator tool, makes our life a bit easier. It automatically creates a bibliographic reference in APA, MPA, or Chicago style.

Alarmy: Wake Up Alarm Clock

Find it hard to wake up for your morning classes? Alarmy will surely help you up. This app is designed to force you out of bed. To set it up, you have to register a picture of an area in your house, and when the alarm sets off, you will be forced to go to that place and take a picture of it to turn it off. It also has a Math Problem Mode and Memorize Game Mode.


You can find the largest collections of academic books, scholarly articles, journals, and other research essential materials on academia.edu. The great thing about it is it’s all for free! To download a file that you want, you must first sign up for an account and upload a document that academia.edu doesn’t have on their database.


Having trouble with Mathematics? Mathway will save the day. This fantastic app will solve your math problems for you and even show you a detailed process. All you must do is open the app, take a picture of the specified problem, and wait for the results. You also have the option to type in the mathematical problem if Mathway could not read the image.

XMind: Mind Map

Mind mapping dramatically helps students to generate new ideas for their research papers and other scholarly activities in school. XMind does not only make it efficient for you and your team to brainstorm, but it also helps you to clarify your thinking and process complex information. XMind is compatible with Evernote so you can easily import your files.

Forest – Stay Focused

As students, we also have to be responsible for the decline of our ecosystem. With the Forest app, you can be a productive student as well as an environmental warrior. The app helps you stay focused on your work and keep you away from your phone. It plants real trees in exchange for the credits you earned by staying away from your smartphone.

My Study Life – School Planner

We all can’t deny that we often forget things as necessary as our class schedules and homework. My Study Life is an app that makes your academics easier to manage and remember. You can input your class schedules, homework, and exams in the app, allowing you to track your progress in your tasks.


A student’s life is not a trip to wonderland, and some might even think of giving up. One thing is for sure, and if you work hard enough, you will someday get to the finish line and get that degree you worked so hard for. Let us be thankful that technology allowed us to lead a more comfortable life compared to the previous generations, where they used to do everything manually.