10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Mobile App


There was a time when mobile phones gave a golden opportunity for every business to excel. In 2008, the app store was a new feature. In 2015, Google has remarked that in 10 countries including the US, has increased the google searches on desktops. In 2017, the trend has changed and every website which is designed is a mobile-friendly site. For a long time, the mobile commerce called as m-commerce has been growing. Every business, be it a small or large have been following the trend of having their business on the mobile app.

There are many custom software development company like intetics which are implementing mobile app to promote their business. If a particular company is not following such a rule then their competitors will run the show. A mobile-friendly website should also be on a mobile app, a program downloaded on the mobile device. This allows the users to stay on the device, making it easily accessible to everyone.

Nowadays, the world is technologically advancing and smartphones have the most significant market usage. So it is better to have the business on a mobile app to stay on par. At present, people are noticing that many small businesses have their presence on the mobile- be it a coffee shop or a spa. These are taking benefits of interacting with their customers through a mobile app.

Still, having a doubt on why anyone wants to have their mobile platform, here are top 10 benefits.


According to the current statistics, every American spends more than two hours a day on their mobile. While reasonably only a few applications can get the bulk of this full usage. Every user who install the mobile app access the information space. So, it is worth having different methods to boost the number of installations.

For example: offering a bonus or discounts in exchange. since the app is already installed, the user need not search the web or remember the web address. Depending on its features, one can even use it without any internet connectivity. This is one of the best ways to become visible to the customers wherever they are.

Increases the product value

Mobile apps help in delivering the product and services in a more efficient way and timely manner. Promote the valuable features of the product and highlight them in the app. Always highlight the features of the product clearly which increases the value proposition. It should be easy to understand without any Jargons. If the description is mentioned the customers shall be able to drive in with the results, in turn, increases the product value.

Builds Recognition and brands

A mobile app can significantly helps in increasing the brand awareness. A mobile app is just like a billboard sign which is blank. Business can do whatever they want with it. they can make it informative, stylish, functional, hip, and shocking. But create an app which has features that customers love, and at the same which is well branded and wonderfully designed. By designing one can have the chance of getting more customers.

As soon as they are involved, they will be inclined to get the product and buy it. In turn, it increases the recognition of the business.

As the old proverb says out of sight, out of mind. When the user downloads the app, it remains forever on the phone by strengthening the recognition.

Grows Customer preferences

May it be a spa or selling flowers, customers are trying ways to reach. As businesses become more competitive, they are finding value in mobile apps. Having a messaging functionality can create a difference in the way of communication with the customers.   Apps help the marketer to have a higher mobile presence, providing customers with the best experiences. Mobile apps streamline the process of buying, enable new opportunities, automate the regular tasks.

Amplify Customer Loyalty

According to the latest trends, technology has dramatically changed consumer behaviors. Customers have become aware and exposed to many options available to them. In the past, marketers have used email and web to convey their messages. But now, it has become more challenging. Besides, buyers attitudes have also changed. For this reason, one should consider creating a mobile app, to improve customer loyalty. The mobile app saves the business by staying close to the customers.

Mobile apps are being used to improve services and communication by increase loyalty. Various industries are benefitting stronger attraction with apps than others.

Sales Growth

Mobile App in terms sales is confined to be the best service that is running high today. Advertisements that are monetized via in-app ads attaching a price tag and additional paid features can enhance growth in marketing and improve business with the most prospective customers online. Most of the photo editing applications follow this process. Enabling the viewer with a full bundle of offers make a great impression within the customer’s first introduction. Showering them with the utmost services make them remain for a longer duration. However, business owners in these days follow certain simple and attractive ways and strategies to attract the audience to build relationships.


Implement Word-out-mouth marketing

Word of mouth or otherwise called as viva voce that is used to pass or share information orally in a simple and in an easy- to- understand format. This comes under the concept of Storytelling which is a short procedure for explaining something briefly. It may be about the event or person or even about any occasion.

When it comes to marketing, it is one of the most effective ways of advancing in the mobile era. However, buying decisions are influenced by the suggestions and recommendations of friends, acquaintances, and family. They are bound to spread the business among their circle.


Go beyond the competition

Every company doesn’t take full potential of their website, some usually stay updated with the mobile applications. Some companies think of marketing in a traditional way which would be their choice of interest. In such cases, the competition is low and definitely, they have to implement specific terms of updated marketing techniques.

Competition in the market is growing high with the varied technology and their applications. People love to strengthen their future more conveniently rather than traditionally. In that case, competing with the world around is also important. Staying ahead of the business methods and the available opportunities is a must and the changes happen unusually.


Optimize the business process

Suggestions and recommendations should not be regretted. Every company shall follow specific procedures. And this can be accumulated with an app. Integrating every process like managing, monitoring, aggregating the statistics, and exchanging files in a single mobile application will make the work simplified. These mobile applications are used to automate multiple tasks of the organization. These applications ensure better interaction between the operators irrespective of the current location.


Creates an easy process

Mobile applications are intuitive and are easy-to-use anywhere and are flexible in communicating with the customers and clients to streamline the process effectively. This reduces employing the staff for customer service.

Every step can be processed in a detailed manner where everything can be tracked using GPS.



Mobile apps for business provides more benefits to almost every company. The main point to remember is that it has to solve the specific problem and improve the sales of the business. Keeping this in mind, it is mandatory to plan the work and collect the list of necessary features for the future app. Any business must strive for its development, and stay tuned to the latest technologies. Designing a mobile app can efficiently assist in reaching these goals.