3 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Tech to Scale Their Business


As a small business owner — or someone who is strongly thinking about launching a new company — it goes without saying that you want to do everything in your power to help your new business succeed. One way to do this is to focus on scaling your company rather than merely growing it.

Growth means adding revenue at the same time you are adding resources to your new company; whereas scaling means adding revenue at a faster rate than cost. In other words, a well-scaled company will be able to cope and perform well as the workload increases — which is definitely a positive attribute for any small company.

One way to quickly and effectively scale a business is through the use of technology. Any technological infrastructure that you invest in must be able to scale along with your business. To help meet this important goal, check out the following ideas:

Equip Your Workforce with State-of-the-art Mobile Devices

One important type of technological infrastructure that small businesses need to succeed is mobile devices that featuring the best mobile processors money can buy. This way, your workforce will be able to quickly and efficiently get more work done no matter if they are in the office or working remotely on a job site or from home. For example, Snapdragon mobile processors from Qualcomm are pretty much the Holy Grail of mobile processors. In addition to being small, fast and powerful, they also include amazing features like the Qualcomm Haven security suite, which uses a hardware-based foundation to detect malware and secure biometric authentication. Found inside one of the fastest mobile processors available, the Qualcomm Quick Charge technology will let your team recharge their mobile devices up to five times faster, so employees will not lose precious work time waiting for their tablet’s battery to fire up again.


Another great way to improve your company’s tech infrastructure is through a high-speed, business-class internet. Broadband is a fast and reliable option that will help keep your company’s computers humming along nicely. In addition, broadband supports a number of other useful features including Voice over IP phone technology, video conferencing, downloading business files and more. For a company that is committed to scaling quickly, broadband will keep up with the increased pace of your business.

Turn to the Cloud

Even the smallest of businesses will have a pretty good chunk of data to manage — everything from inventory and invoices to employee information and more. Investing in a cloud based platform to store all of this data is a great idea; in addition, cloud platforms are definitely scalable, which means they can grow right along with your company’s data needs. Instead of spending hard-earned money on updating your servers, you can easily expand your cloud storage. In addition, a cloud-based system, such as box, will let you and your team communicate and share information from any location; this will help empower your employees to work remotely if need be, and will let you run your new company from home or the new office.

As you get ready to open your new small business, remember that it takes more than an amazing product or service, affordable prices and a terrific team of employees to help your dream of entrepreneurship become a reality. Technology can also be used in a number of ways to help successfully and easily scale your company and help you fulfill your dreams of company ownership for many years to come.