7 Email Newsletter Design Tips For Boosting Results


Email newsletters are an important part of every business, with the ability to announce and promote whatever you have in store for potential and returning clients. However, designing one isn’t as easy as it looks. Even expert digital marketers can have trouble building their own email newsletters!

After all, simply creating a promotional newsletter based on plain boring text won’t have any impact on your recipients. You want something well-designed and attractive for them to stay and read up! With that being said, what are ways to design your email newsletters properly?

Read on as I show you the seven email newsletter design tips for boosting results!

Are you wondering what you can do to design your newsletters for better success and results? Here are the top seven ways to design your templates for emails to have people enjoy and take action more!

1.Layer Calls-to-Action For Directing CTA Users to Valuable Content

Promotional emails would usually only has ONE call-to-action for better conversions and engagement. But with newsletters, there are actually different calls-to-action you can put, though of course there’s a limit!

Email newsletters are more about sharing content and information, rather than simply encouraging people to make a purchasing decision. When maximizing engagement using your content from newsletters, organize the various CTAs you will use, in a hierarchy that clearly communicates which are the important pieces of information.

Think of your email newsletter as a digital newspaper, where all the top stories are on top while the other “less” popular ones are spread in the bottom according to interest and importance.

2.Create UNIQUE Content For Better Value

You should always remember that newsletters aren’t just about links. You should also have the unique content that stands out and will interest people in reading more of it!

Many people confuse newsletters as a catalog of different articles from their own (or even other people’s) websites. But It shouldn’t just be about links and clickable. They should be a resource for people to learn important information that relates to your business and products offered without having to leave the inbox (until they click the call-to-action!).

Making email newsletters filled with relatable stories, announcements, and other types of helpful information, will definitely build credibility and encourage people to keep subscribing, looking forward to what else you have to offer. Tell a story with your content for more engagement and encouragement to take action from it.

3.Use Images and Media For Engaging Newsletters

When adding relevant images to your email newsletter design, it makes the entire newsletter pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, it would break up your text every now and then, making it easier to read especially to those who use phones with smaller screens.

Not only are images captivating, but they also look more approachable, making the email more engaging to readers. However, just like CTAs, there is a limit! Too many images can lead to clutter and disorganization, so make sure that you only add sensible ones in good areas.

4.Keep Your Brand Consistency In Design

Having a familiar and consistent email newsletter design is crucial when you want to maintain dedicated subscribers. Use the similar header and footers across all the newsletters you send. I recommend that you use a Postcards email builder, which can help create a newsletter template to use each time you send out your emails.

When you have a fixed template, you just need to update content without the need to maintain design consistency and start from scratch! Through consistent designs, people will recognize the email immediately and it can build trust.

5.Only Use the Easy-to-Read Fonts

This is an obvious tip, though still notable since who would want to read from hard-to-decipher fonts and colors? Avoid using colors which blend together or would wash out the text. People have no time to try deciphering what you try to say from unreadable fonts and colors, and would most likely just close it if the engagement isn’t there.

Try to use tools which can increase readability and help improve subscriber experiences. Instead of brand fonts all over the newsletter, go for clear and legible fonts for easy-to-read emails across any device.

6.Encourage Brand Engagement For Better Customer Relationships

Have the optimized email design which encourages brand engagement. Subscribers would only take action from your emails when you give those ways to do so. With that being said, you should go for engagement buttons such as the ability to share your newsletters on social media. Also add in social media links which can promote brand satisfaction, giving people more options to communicate and follow your brand.

Also, add the call-to-action for people to share the newsletter to their professional and/or personal networks to get a word out!

7.Always Test Before and Monitor After Sending

Last but not least, ensure that you always test out your email newsletters before sending them out. Send it to yourself and check it in various browsers and devices to see if everything is readable and pleasing to the eyes.

After sending out your email newsletter, use analytical tools which monitor the action taken on your emails, from clicked links, those who opened your emails, and anything else which has you learn what to improve on. Don’t stop making your content better to increase subscriber satisfaction.

Wrapping It Up

Email newsletter design doesn’t have to be so fancy and with all the heavy imagery and graphics. With something attractive that relates with your brand and recipients, you’ll be able to reach out to your customers and subscribers, boosting conversion rates and results in the long run! All it takes is an excellent design and the proper content for success.

Hopefully, this article on the seven email newsletter design tips for boosting results helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these tips today.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on designing email newsletters, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.