A Guide to Retail Shop Shelving and Retail Shelf Brackets


For new shop owners, getting used to the many types of retail shelving can be a bit overwhelming. There are multiple types of designs and styles and remembering all of them is almost impossible. 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide to the basics of retail shelves and brackets. Keep reading for the need-to-know types of designs and styles for shop owners. 

Slatwall Shelves

Slatwall shelves are probably the most common type of shelving found in retail shops. This type of shelving is suitable for many different types of retail locations. This versatility is what makes this shelving so popular.

Slatwall shelves are also extremely durable. Coupled with their versatility and placement options, slatwall shelves are never a bad idea to have in a retail space. 

Brackets for Slatwall Shelves

There are many different types of brackets to choose from when using slat well shelves. Adjustable and flat bar retail shelving brackets give owners the most options. 

Freestanding Shelves

Freestanding shelves are great for gondolas, kiosks, and other types of retail spaces. These shelves do a great job of highlighting individual items or certain brands. 

Brackets for Freestanding Shelves

For freestanding shelves, there are two types of brackets that seem to work best. Adjustable brackets and shelf-clips with rubber grommets make great fixtures for holding your display items.

Collapsible Panels

Collapsible panels can be the perfect idea for larger retail spaces. These panels make excellent shelving for lining the walls with your most popular items. 

Versatility isn’t an issue with these panels either. They can easily be changed to different levels or moved to other areas of the shop. 

Brackets for Collapsible Panels

Aluminium T-hook inserts are probably the best option for collapsible panels. These metal brackets fit snugly into the slats of the panels, fitting securely for even heavier-weighted items. 

These T-hooks are easily movable if the display needs to be changed. Because of their durability, you don’t have to worry about sagging or bending because of the items you choose to hang. 

Choosing the correct retail shelving shouldn’t be overwhelming. Be sure to use all the space available to your advantage when choosing your shop shelves! If you are unsure of your design, talk to a shop fitting expert like ADP Store who can help determine exactly where you stand as a retailer.