What are the Advantages of Cross Channel Marketing

cross marketing

Cross channel marketing involves implementing your marketing campaigns in multiple channels. Relying on a single marketing strategy can limit the growth rate that you can achieve in your business. With cross channel marketing, you will rely on channels like email marketing, mobile marketing, social networking and etc to in marketing your business. Your prospective customers will be exposed to various channels regardless of their locations. Cross channel marketing ensures that people can learn about your products and services no matter what devices they use.

Email in cross channel marketing can direct the customers to different types of online marketing channels. For example, with email marketing, you can direct your customers to visit your social media page and follow up on your latest news. You can also include coupons in the email to encourage customers to buy your products. Survey shows that email marketing accounts for at least 23% of the company sales.

Mdirector email marketing software is ideal for use in implementing your email marketing campaign. It allows you to send 5,000 – 50,000 emails per month to your subscribers depending on which plan you sign up. You can create beautiful newsletters by choosing from the large collection of free templates. The email marketing templates are arranged in many different categories. It allows you to preview your email in various email services like yahoo and gmail. The full featured email editor features A/B testing, auto responders, and CRM.

In mobile marketing, you can use SMS messaging to inform your customers about any deal or promotions that you are having. Mobile marketing allows your products and services to be accessible by customers who frequently use mobile phones to browse the web. There is an increasing number of people that use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to browse the web so it is important for every business to incorporate mobile marketing into their marketing plan. Mdirector SMS messaging software allows you to send personalized SMS text messages to your contacts in a few minutes. The SMS messaging software include a real time analytics dashboard that allows you to track user reaction to the campaign.

Cross channel marketing platform is the solution for companies who have a lot of customers that don’t complete the checkout process on their websites. You can use cross channel marketing to encourage the customers to take a look at the product that he abandoned in the shopping cart for example through email marketing. Cross channel marketing can help you to determine the best marketing channel for your business. Your business will be missing a lot of opportunities that allows you to reach out to a large customer base if you only focus on one marketing channel.

In cross channel marketing, you can understand the behaviors of consumers better in each channel and learn how to reach out to them. By understanding the consumer behavior, you will know how to create a personalized interactions with the customers and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. You can observe which campaign is showing good performance and which one is not performing well. You can put under performing campaigns to a halt and resume the campaigns that are performing well.

How Cross Channel Marketing Can Improve Your Business ROI

Cross channel marketing also makes use of mobile marketing to improve the awareness of your brand. Your brand will become more recognized because your customers is able to reach you on various media. Cross channel marketing gives your customers options in choosing how they wish to interact with your company. The two main marketing methods used in cross channel marketing are email and mobile marketing.

Email marketing is an effective tool for build the relationships with your customers. Before you can implement email marketing, you need to collect a lot of emails from your prospective customers.By using a cross channel marketing software, you will be able to track the data the behavior of your customers in the email marketing campaign. You will be able to track which link the customers click on the newsletters and what they do in the targeted website. The insights that you get from tracking the customer behavior on your email campaign allows you to optimize your marketing efforts in other channels like your online store, mobile and social networking campaign.

You will need an email marketing software to send out thousands of emails every month because it is difficult to send each email manually. MDirector email marketing software allows you to send up to 50,000 emails per month. There are more than 100 templates that you can use for creating your email marketing campaign. The templates provided in MDirector cross channel marketing software is both mobile and desktop responsive. You don’t need to have any programming skill to create the template. It offers full analysis reports that shows you the stats in real time including bounce rate, clicks, which page is being visited, and the browser the customer use to visit the targeted landing page.

Mobile marketing is ideal for you if you have a group of customers that never respond to any email you send. Even if they are not responding to mobile marketing, they may respond well to SMS text messaging ads. SMS message is short and straight to the point so the recipient can easily read it when the message is sent to their inbox. Mobile marketing is useful for alerting your subscribers about discounts, coupons, loyalty programs or contest you are organizing. It can also be used to send transaction notifications when a customer purchase a product from your store.

MDirector text messaging software allows you to save your subscribers’ email and the information that entered in the opt in form. When the recipient read the text message, cookies will install on their devices so that their behavior, for example, the website and social media they surf will be tracked. You can personalize the SMS text messages with the recipient’s name, company name, and address. Each SMS text message can include up to 160 characters. You can include a link to targeted site or a link to download an app in the SMS. Telephone number can be included in the text message if you want to encourage customers to call your hotline number to place an order on your product.