Have an amazing coolpad mega 2.5D

coolpad mega

People are making themselves in the comfortable zone by taking the mobile. Mobile is very much useful for all the things in which they have all the facilities. It is very hard for the people that are taking the Laptop from one place to another. It has been observed that people that are having the laptop getting the problem of battery backup which is not more than 3 to 4 hours. Here are the complete details about coolpad mega 2.5D that is having function as you have in your PC or Laptop.

Now the time that has come is for the smart phones that every company is trying to make out the best for selling their product. Coolapad mega 2.5D is the smart phone that is very much reliable because they are getting the device that is very much not a laptop. But has all the things that you are able to do in the laptop. This is the device that is able to fit inside your pocket and you don’t have the worries of taking this product. This model was launched in august 2016 and has proved to be the best smart phones that you have in the market. This set is very much Android.

Features and specifications of coolpad mega 2.5D

This is the device that is having the display that is 5.5 inches and you are having the touch screen which is highly reactive and very soft and easy to have the each function very fast. In this you have the processor that is 1GHz,

  • There are two cameras that is one in the front and other is at the back. The front camera that you have in this mega 2.5D is 8- megapixel and the back camera that that is also called as rear camera is also very much 8-megapioxel.
  • You are getting the resolution that is 720×1280 along with the RAM that is 3GB, OF Android 6.0 with the storage of 16GB.
  • The weight is very light that is 140g and then also you are having the option of external storage and that also of 32GB. Go for Flipkart coupons and save money while buying the device.

How to get it online?

There are double SIM that you can use in this model and you are having the GPS system. People that are already having this model are having the appreciation for this model because in their views on the internet shows that they are getting the facilities more than they expected from this model. The main thing that people not taking the other models or that are not able to compete this model because it is the battery backup that it is haven. There is no other model that is having the battery backup that is very much of 4 to five days if you have charged it full at once. Before you by this product then it is advice that you must have the compare of this product with the other models so that you will come to know the real fact about this model.

Internet is the fastest way for comparing the models and there you will come to know that from all sorts of facility, price, battery backup, and internet that runs very fast are the things that are making this model to be the number one mobile device that available in the market. Coolpad is the maker of this model and is very much Chinese and the rate that you will see is amazing and in the compare you will always prefer to have this model for you as well as like to have for your friends or beloved ones.