Are You A College Student Looking to Ace Your Next Job Interview? Practice with These 4 Tips

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College students typically search for internships to help them gain experience in their prospective fields, and to help transition them into a full-time career more easily. If you are one of these college students, then you know how difficult it can be to manage interviews along with your hectic schedule.

It’s equally frustrating trying to figure out how you can stand out amongst the crowd. If you are struggling to ace your internship job interview, here are 4 steps that can help you achieve success.

It’s called the REAF system:

R: Research

The first step is to conduct plenty of thorough research about the company and job description before the day of your interview. Take a look at the company’s social media platforms and website. Get a feel for the company culture and overall vibe of the workplace. See if there is any recent news about them that might be useful to bring up in your interview. For more different systems like this one-click here

Additionally, you will want to take a second look at the job description to make sure you understand all of the listed requirements and qualifications. Come up with talking points on your resume that can help you relate to each and every one of the qualifications.

E: Enthusiasm

Always approach your interview with the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism. You need to show your recruiter that you are absolutely passionate about this job in particular, and you will do anything to stand apart from the others and end up on top. Make sure to approach your interviewer with a smile. Maintain eye contact and communicate with focus and attentiveness the entire time you’re there.

Don’t forget to thank them when you first meet. “I’m so excited to meet you, thank you for taking the time to talk with me today!” is a great introductory sentence that clearly expresses your passion and motivation.

A: Ask Questions

Always prepare some questions to ask your interviewer. Every job interview contains a list of questions that you will be asked, and you’ll need to practice speaking to your experiences, strengths, and weaknesses. But at the end of the interview, the recruiter will ask if you have any questions for them in turn.

Always answer this with a yes.

This will show that you are very interested in the job, the company, and the people who are interviewing you. Use some of that research that you did beforehand to come up with questions that will showcase your intelligence and curiosity. For example, you can ask the company if they have any expansion plans, Or, ask what key skills the company’s star players have in common. You can also inquire about what would be expected of you if you were to be offered the job.

F: Follow Up

When the interview is over, your job’s not actually done. If you want to make a lasting impact, you will follow up with the recruiter or interviewer within the next 12 hours of your interview. Just send a quick email or handwritten note that thanks the recruiter for their time. You should also let them know that you are looking forward to hearing from them again with any updates or additional questions.

If multiple people interviewed you, take the time to send separate notes to all of them. Giving them that individual attention shows that you were really interested in the conversation and you definitely want to stay in touch with the company. This will immediately set you apart from the crowd and give you the best chances of landing that internship as a college student.