Benefits Of Citi Premier Card And How To Make The Most Of It


The Citi Premier Card is an excellent travel rewards credit card that offers a variety of benefits to cardholders. This includes a generous sign-up bonus, points on travel and dining, and amazing perks. Aside from the traveling benefits you get, the card also provides bonuses for everyday purchases, such as dining, hotels, and supermarkets.

The Citi Premier Card is a popular choice for travelers and everyday spenders alike. So to get started, check out this Citi Premier® Card review to learn all about the amazing rewards it offers. The amazing benefits of the Citi Premier Card have surged its popularity, as more people are acquiring the card.

In addition to its generous sign-up bonus, the card also has a relatively low annual fee of $95, compared to other travel cards with higher annual fees.

This makes it a valuable option, especially if you are a frequent traveler.

As a Citi Premier Cardholder, there are several perks you have access to. In this article are some of the immense benefits you get using the Citi Premier Card.

A Generous Welcome Bonus

When you sign up for a Citi Premier Card, you are given a 60,000 welcome bonus ThankYou Points after spending $4,000 within your first 3 months. Furthermore, for a limited time, cardholders earn 10 points for each $1 spent on car rentals and hotels booked through the Citi travel portal. Depending on when you signed up, the welcome bonus may differ. However, it’s always generous as it’s normal for this type of travel card.

No Foreign Transaction Fees

When you travel overseas, your card protects you from paying extra charges on purchases you make. Click here to learn more about foreign transaction fees.

You Earn Points

The Citi Premier offers cardholders 3X points on all expenses they pay using the card grocery shopping, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and air travel. You also get 1 point for other expenses.

For instance, you use an average of $5000 monthly on different purchases from travel to supermarket expenses. You will get 15,000 points monthly. You can redeem these points as cash back, statement credits, make transfers, and get gift cards.

While it’s common with travel cards to offer cardholders points on some travel purchases, Citi Premier Card offers reward points on everyday purchases. This has made it stand out among other travel cards.

Redeem Your Points

The card offers you points called ThankYou Points for purchases you make using the card. You can redeem those points when they accumulate. The points can be beneficial for shopping, gift cards, traveling, dining, and even charity contributions.

Citi ThankYou Points are worth at least 1 cent per point, but you can often get more value by redeeming them for travel. You can book your flights and hotels through the Citi ThankYou travel portal, or transfer points to hotel and airline partners.

Cash-related and shopping redemptions, such as using points to pay for Amazon purchases, typically offer less value. Therefore, travel redemption options are the best way to maximize your Citi rewards points. To learn more about how to maximize your Citi rewards, please visit

Affordable Annual Fee

With a Citi Premier Card, you are only charged a $95 annual fee. This is relatively low compared to other travel cards and considering the amazing perks you get from using this card.

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Citi Premier Card

Hotel Booking Bonus

The card earns you 3 ThankYou Points per dollar you spend on hotels directly through the Citi ThankYou travel portal. This is an excellent way to maximize your earnings on hotel stays, especially if you are booking a high-priced room or plan to stay for multiple nights.

Get The Welcome Bonus

Every new cardholder on Citi Premier stands a chance to earn 60,000 points when they spend $4,000 on purchases during their first three months. To qualify for this bonus, ensure to use $4,000 within your first 3 months. You can get value by transferring your points to partner airlines or hotels.

Utilize Points Transfers

One of the best ways to maximize the value of your Citi ThankYou Points is through points transfers. You can transfer your ThankYou Points to partner airlines and hotels. Some partners offer transfer ratios of 1:1, so you can essentially double the value of your points.

Leverage The Rewards Categories

Citi Premier Card holders earn 3 points per dollar spent on restaurants, air travel, gas stations, and supermarkets, and one point per dollar spent on all other purchases. So, be sure to use your card in the categories where you’d earn the most points and maximize your rewards.

Final Words

Citi Premier Card is an excellent travel card option, especially for those who travel frequently. With the card, you earn rewards for travel expenses and other everyday purchases made with the card. This has made the card stand out among other Citi cards.

As a Citi Premier Card holder, ensure to maximize your card benefits and earn valuable rewards that can be used to save money while traveling, dining, and other purchases.