The Best Collaboration Tools to Make Your Team More Productive


The Best Collaboration Tools to Make Your Team More Productive

Getting solo projects finished is fairly straightforward, especially with help from the right productivity tools. However, there will be times when you have to work with a team of people to get the job done. Group tasks add a whole new dynamic to accomplishing tasks because teamwork now plays a huge factor in getting the job done.

With plenty of collaboration tools to help your team work together, choosing the right ones for your team’s specific needs could take a while. This is why we came up with a listof the best collaboration tools to help you narrow down your search.

  1. BAND Group Community App

Communication is key when it comes to working as a team, and BAND delivers just that. Specially designed for different kinds of groups ranging from office teams to gaming clans and fan communities, this cross-platform group communication app has everything, including group calls, designated chatrooms, and even message boards, giving you a lot of ways to relay important information.

The best thing about BAND is how versatile it is. Since the app is available on Android, iOS, and Windowsdesktop, there’s a good chance that your entire team can have access to the app as long as they have a smartphone or computer. BAND also offers other features such as setting user privileges that you can use to promote certain members and improve overall team coordination in larger groups.

  1. Google Calendar

Being able to synchronize tasks can help you and your team to minimize delays when working on projects and ensures that there will be enough people working at certain times (particularly when you’re in the most critical phases of the project). Using multiple calendar apps work, but you’d want complete synchronicity since unexpected changes may end up unnoticed by some members. You want your team to make sure you’re all looking at the same calendar.

Google Calendar has been around for a long time, and it’s not surprising why. Cross-platform support and the ability to seamlessly integrateGoogle user accounts to the calendar means you and your team get easy access to your calendar without the extra bells and whistles needed just to view it. You can even use the app to view separate calendars to help avoid schedule conflicts and even use it along with Google Task to help keep track of upcoming tasks or events. Last but not least, it’s completely free.all you need is an existing Googleaccount, and you’re set.

  1. TrackingTime

Being able to track production times can help you assign more intensive tasks of the project to faster team members. TrackingTime is a cross-platform app that can give you an overview of how much work is done at a given time, allowing you to make estimated schedule adjustments based on the time-tracking information. In a worst-case scenario, you can even use the app to see if some members of the team are not pulling their weight or if they have to be replaced.

The less you spend time adding entries to track your time, the more time you can spend actually working on the project. With TrackingTime, entries can be edited simply by dragging and dropping tasks in an easy-to-use calendar view, while repeating events can be scheduled so they are updated automatically. Like other tools in this list, TrackingTime works onall major platforms (Mac, Windows, Android, and iOs), so it’s easy to make sure everybody has access to the app.


When it comes to group projects, direction is just as important as coordination. With the best teammates around, you can accomplish a lot.Give them a proper workflow to follow, and you can accomplish even more. KiSSFLOW specializes in creating project workflows quickly and easily. Once you have decided on an optimal process, the app takes care of building the forms and designing the workflow to make it easier to understand.

KiSSFLOW can easily be integrated into other cloud-based applications using APIs and WebHooks so you can use your collaboration tools together in perfect synergy. Combine this feature with cross-platform support, and you have one of the best workflow management software available.

Working as a team requires more than just trust in each member’s abilities.Usingthese powerful collaboration tools can help you save time and get better results, increasing your chances of completing each project.