BOC-3 Filing: What You Need To Know


Doing things legally is essential when it comes to your trucking business. You can’t run your vehicles on the road carrying stuff from one place to the other unless certified by the government. One of the essential certifications to run your cars in the United States is BOC 3 filing. This document allows you to run your business in different states legally. Finding an excellent BOC-3 provider is essential to secure your business. Here are the crucial details about BOC-3 that you must not overlook!

The Meaning Of BOC-3

BOC stands for “Blanket of coverage.” BOC-3 enables a company to designate process agents representing them in the states where they continue their operations. This designated agent represents the company and receives the documents from the state(s) in any legal issue. For example, if one of your trucks gets in an accident outside your state of origin, your process agent will appear in the court to receive the legal papers on your behalf if the other driver files a case against your driver. 

Importance Of BOC-3

FMCSA certification requires all transportation company owners to get an SOP agent. Remember that FMCSA is responsible for regulating all the matters of the trucking industry in the United States. As a company owner, you have to ensure that you get a BOC-3 as soon as you can; failing this requirement will limit you from continuing your trucking business. 

The Filing Process

Owners of the motor carriers are not allowed to apply for BOC-3 on their own. Only the process agent can file their request. The request to file the BOC-3 must be made online in the case of motor carriers. But, brokers and freight forwarders have a special exemption in this case. They can apply for BOC-3 themselves because they are operating non-commercial vehicles. 

What Info To Provide?

Like other certifications, you have to provide all your info related to your trucking business to the FMCSA to get your BOC-3. Here are some of the details that FMCSA usually requires:

  • Your business’s name
  • Address of your carrier, broker, or freight forwarder 
  • Name of the person who will sign the documents
  • The designation of the signing authority
  • Complete name of the SOP agent
  • Street address of the SOP in each state

Providing correct details is your responsibility. Your application for BOC-3 will not be approved if you don’t provide accurate information. 

The Fees

All SOP agents are not the same, and not their fee schedules as well. You may get a discounted offer of as low as $20 if you avail yourself of limited services from an SOP agent. However, getting additional services might require you to pay around $100. The critical thing is to adjust the prices based on your needs and the level of ease you want to get. Some SOP agents ask you to pay an annual fee, while others may charge you additional fees for receiving different types of documents.

The Time Required

You will want to get the BOC-3 filing done as soon as possible because trucking is an excellent industry for making huge profits. However, great things take time, and the same stays true for your BOC-3 filing process. Once you have completed your documents and applied online at FMCSA to get your permit, you can ideally get it in 3 or 4 business days. FMSCA will email you the operating authority once it’s ready. But, remember that if you change your company’s name or the details of your business, you will have to refile your BOC-3 permit. 

Tips On Selecting The Right Agent

You surely won’t like to work with immature SOP agents who don’t understand the business’s details. Therefore, it becomes essential to check an agent’s details to decide whether to work with them or not. Make sure that the agents respond to you promptly and understand your business needs. Don’t rely on those agents who aren’t available during business hours and haven’t provided their business address on their website. Talk about the filing process with an agent before you decide to start working with them. 


Don’t overlook the importance of BOC-3 for your trucking business. Choose the best agents and keep all your information updated in the government records. Happy trucking!