Got a Bad Credit Score? Worry No More -We’ve Got You Covered


Your credit scores define the level of trust lenders have in you. According to the FICO score, credit scores can lie between 300 to 850. If the count falls below 600, then it is considered a poor or bad credit score. It means that you will hardly obtain any finance from lenders. You might end up begging them to lend you money for financing, but they won’t even budge.

What is a Bad Credit Score?

If a business has an unfortunate history of making payments on time, then there are higher chances of failed payments in the future. This low credibility and payment history reflects a business’s current financial situation. A bad credit score makes financing difficult, especially while borrowing money for the long-term. It happens because lenders perceive bad scorers as risky borrowers who will fail to make payments on time.

This inability to obtain more credit will only add up to your worries! However, there are still some ways to rebuild bad credit or get finance some other way. Let’s find out how!

How to Get Your Loan Approve with a Bad Credit Score?

It might seem complicated, but it isn’t an impossible attempt. Bad credit can be tuned down and rebuild only if the borrower wants to. A business will have to prove its worth before applying for funds. It will have to show a sense of responsibility for managing money. Only then a lender will trust the business and lend them money.

Some of the ways to get your loan approved with bad credit are listed below.

1- Learn more about how the interest rates affect your credit score:

Mostly, a credit score is the most critical determinant to evaluate interest rates. Lenders offer varying interest rates according to the credit score of a business. Even with bad credit, try to explore the different interest rates, lenders are going to provide you.

It is crucial to minimize the risks involved in financing with bad credit. Later, you will have the idea of who is offering the lowest interest rates with the best terms and policies. Keep in mind that even with bad credit, there will be few lenders who will lend you the money. So don’t lose hope and keep looking for different lenders in the market.

2- Consider taking loans from a reliable source:

There are some reliable sources to obtain business loans for bad credit scorers. Be it short-term financing or long-term, different versions of loans are available. However, they might require collateral over the desired amount of investment. There are various assets to put as collateral, like a house, car, land, etc.

Even if lenders are least concerned with your bad credit, they still care about getting their money back and hence putting up the collateral security option. Anything can qualify as collateral as long as it is closer to the amount of loan.

Some of the other reliable forms of financing will be mortgages, auto loans, and home equity financing. Moreover, having a secured credit card also qualifies as a secured loan.

However, there are risks involved for the borrower through obtaining secure finance. If you are putting up your property or car as collateral, then you might end up losing them. It will only happen if you fail to pay back the desired loan amount. To make it simpler, pay the money you owe or get your property seized by the lender.

3- Find good online lenders for unsecured loan options:

Apart from banks, other options are present in the market to obtain finance. For instance, readily available online lenders who will not hesitate to work with you. These lenders are willing to finance even those businesses that have a 550 FICO score. Some options to look into will be Lending Club, Payoff, and SoFi. Online lenders are interested in knowing your current income from business and the prospects of it. It will assure them to lend you money even with a bad credit score.

If you are curious to know which lender is offering a better loan package, then check out sites like Fundera. They will guide you in a better way about loan financing.

4- Take help from a cosigner:

There’s always an easy way out of stressful situations. If you have useful contacts with someone having a strong business impact, then get your application approved. A cosigner adds value to the loan application and might help you in rebuilding the credit score.


All in all, bad credit can earn some financing, but this shouldn’t hold you back from improving your scores. Try to work on improving your credit score, and you won’t have to look for short cuts in the future.