How you can stand as an entrepreneur at the next trade show


“Go big or go home”, that’s what they say and regarding entrepreneurs, trade shows are a really big opportunity to expose your new born business to tens of thousands of potential customers or users that might be, as well, looking for that great thing you’re selling. However, it is because of the amount of people that comes to this events that the competitions gets fierce in order to get the most visibility and create as much interest on your stand as you possibly can.

If you already made your mind and you want to be part of the next big trade show, you might want to start looking now to make sure you’re going to the trade show that suits you the best for your purposes. With a quick research on Google you’ll find trade shows in Birmingham, Cologne, Cannes, Paris, Barcelona or anywhere in the world.And once you find the right one, you need to start preparing yourself to face the big day.

Here are some advices to get the best out of the trade show you pick:

-Preparation, preparation, preparation: in order to success you need to start way before the day of the trade show. Start creating a plan since the day you decided to participate in the next show and look for people who can help you reach your goals.

-Brainstorming: put on paper all the ideas you think might help your business to stand in the event and also look for people who have been in events of this size in the past. They can give you all the insights and also can help you to avoid silly mistakes that can cost you money or clients.

-Study your competitors: this doesn’t mean that you have to spy on them, but it can be extremely helpful if you get to the trade show knowing what you’re up against.

-Be charm and treat your costumers the way you want to be treated. Let’s be honest here: most of the big companies have a boring presence because they have ‘the job done’ when they arrive to these events, so here’s your chance to shine bright and be the soul of the party. As an entrepreneur there are so many ways to get the attention of the assistants: throw an after party or have some drinks to celebrate the participation and the networking you’ve done, chat with your clients in a joyful way and, most important: just enjoy your presence there. If you’ve come this far, there’s no way to go but up.