How to Choose A Good Body Corporate Manager


A body corporate manager is tasked with the running of a strata or owners’ corporation. The manager will be tasked with handling the day to day business involving the care and maintenance of a particular living community. They can also be engaged in the management of several strata at once. 

The body corporate manager plays an essential role in the strata as they are entrusted both with the strata’s most mundane and most delicate and valuable aspects. The choice that is made when selecting a body corporate manager, therefore, must be undertaken with great care and due diligence to avoid disappointment at a later date.

When you are choosing a body corporate manager, keep in mind that a good one will exhibit such qualities as:

  • Clear and in-depth knowledge – The candidate must exhibit that they possess a depth of knowledge about the field of strata management. This knowledge must also be up to date with the most current trends and laws. This will ensure that the advice provided by the manager is the best that can be given at the time that it is sought.
  • Effective communication skills – A body corporate manager often acts as a liaison between different groups in and out of the strata. They can also be called upon in times of dispute to act as mediator. The manager must therefore be able to communicate with all relevant parties in a clear and timely manner. A test of their communication skills can go a long way towards reassuring the owners’ corporation that messages will be passed along accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • Interpersonal skills – The prospective manager must be able to have and maintain positive interactions with members of the community. This way, no one is left feeling disgruntled and doubtful that their concerns and suggestions go unheard or unheeded.
  • Experience – The more experience a body corporate manager has under their belt, the more effective they will be in the running of your strata. The experience indicates that they have had the time and opportunity to learn the ins and outs of strata management and have probably picked up some valuable pieces of knowledge on the way as well.

The success of the selection process also relies on the readiness of the owners’ corporation as they begin the course of action. For those making a choice, it is best to have a clear idea of what your community’s needs are so that they can be matched to the ideal managerial candidate. A course must also be set that dictates how the selection process will be undertaken so that nothing is forgotten and no unnecessary additions are brought in. 

It is also wise to take a more in-depth look into the candidates’ backgrounds to eliminate those that are unsuitable early. It is this action that will aid in saving a little time by hastening the interviewing and selection procedure.

As you go about seeking to take on board body corporate services that will suit you and your community best, keep your criteria for the ideal candidate and manager close by. The effective running of your living community based on the way that it is managed will depend on your unwillingness to compromise and your insistence on working with only the best that can be found.