How to Get into Trending Category on YouTube


Since it appeared more than a decade ago, YouTube has definitely become one of the most popular sites for almost all Internet users. Apart from those who come here to search for quality music or some funny videos, this social network is used by many public figures for promotion purposes. Especially among singers and musicians, it is of the highest importance that their song or video appear in the trending category.

From the humble beginnings to one of the most popular social networks, find out why YouTube is one of the greatest online “inventions:”

Trending and Numbers

Maybe the name rings a bell – trending means that something is wanted, interesting to users, i.e., that it is “trendy.” YouTube trending is a category that is reserved only for the most influential content. The algorithms in this social network control the number of reviews, subscribers, and comments over a period of time, and thus make a decision on the list of videos that will present to users.

But there is one “catch” in all this – when a video has millions of views and is not in trending. It doesn’t mean YouTube doesn’t consider it good enough; just that there are many different factors that influence whether the video will end up in trending or not.

Trending serves to extract quality content, but neither the number of reviews should be ignored. It’s just one “plug-in” to stand out among a bunch of viral content that is uploaded daily to YouTube.

Some trends are predictable, like the new song of the most popular singers or movie trailers that have been announced for a long time. Some content found on this list can be quite surprising, like a home-made video or vlog, which are a great example of viral content that can be popular even without millions of plays and views.

Criteria for Getting into Trending on YouTube

The trending list that changes every 15 minutes helps viewers to see what’s happening on YouTube, and it’s always up-to-date. Bearing in mind that a large number of excellent video content is uploaded to YouTube almost every day, only a limited number of them can be displayed in this category.

As we have already said, the selection of candidates for the trending list is not happening by accident; it is the result of a series of algorithms. From this point of view, this selection is a bit “subjective,” since the trending system selects video clips that will be of interest to most people, according to YouTube. And the tastes of Internet users can vary considerably.

According to research BuyPlaysFast conducted, YouTube trending considers many of the signals when choosing content for a list, including a number of views (plays), the growth stream in these number, location of users which were involved with the viral content, and how old these videos are.

An unwritten rule says that trending has the “tendency” to find video clips that are suitable for presenting to a large number of viewers. These videos shouldn’t have a negative connotation and sensational titles; then, it should relate to some of the popular topics, on the Internet or generally in the world, as well as to the new, so far unseen and creative content.

“Buy Me Some Plays, Views, Followers …”

Think of trending as a springboard, if you really have great content that you want to reach a large number of users. Thanks to this selection, even a video with only a few thousand views can end up at the top of the trending list.

It should have an exponential growth (large number) of plays in a short notice after placing it online and available to users. However, apart from the views, YouTube considers that number of both positive and negative comments and reactions is significant for the success of your viral content. Some tips of how to make your content go viral check on this page.

However, even this algorithm can be “fooled” with modern servers and providers. You need a reliable supplier, from which you can purchase YouTube plays or views, as well as comments and reactions at the video, right after uploading it on YouTube.

Using this method wisely is the only reliable way to get a place in the trending. Basically, this is not a scam if you really offer quality content; this is just a way to speed the things up. After finding a place on the trending list, even briefly, the number of views, subscribers, and likes will be generated “naturally.” You just have to start this process.

The trending page on YouTube is continually changing, which means that your video won’t be there for a long time. Experts often say that you don’t have to invest in positioning your video on lists, but to focus on its quality. That will provide your video clip with the number of views it really deserves.