How to Use Events for Marketing & Gaining Leads


Business techniques have changed much over the recent years including the marketing tactics and profile making of your business. Businesses working on the different levels have their own marketing schemes which they follow to reach consumers and gain leads to market.

With the advent of the internet over the recent times, business and marketing have evolved so much. Even the small scale business like local food outlets, retail shops, even the so called cottage industry is incorporating the use of internet to flourish in the consumer pool and to increase their outreach.

For the bigger companies, the consumer pool is so large spread over multiple companies and regions that they sketch out more vast marketing options and use of internet has been the mainstay from last decade especially since the Social Media has come into the play. Social Media companies like Facebook and Google etc have dedicated advertisement and marketing subscriptions and platform. And the result is that businesses have flourished at top speed over the years and E-commerce has been the cherry to the cake. So revenues are up for even local businesses and bigger firms are making Millions in profits.
Since the Internet introduced online advertising, most marketers have turned their attention to web marketing campaigns. These days, everyone seems to be obsessed with social media marketing, and it may leave you wondering if live events—such as trade shows or your own presentations—are still relevant. Well the answer is Yes.
Lets for example, you have worked as the chief chef in a five star hotel for years and now you want to start your own food outlet, the prospects of which are quite positive. You introduce a refreshing food menu and then come the marketing gain you need to flourish. The online marketing campaigns are quite a trend around but the trade shows and expos are still relevant and on occasions more effective to gain the outreach. Metropolitans around the World still have dedicated Expo centers to support the ExpoMarketing.
Trade shows and Expos still provide the ground to the businessman to display their work and products to the relevant consumer pool and have got a number of advantages over other means of marketing.

So you see a Food Expo been set up at the expo center and your chance to advertise your food outlet is up by making your famous recipes and set up a stall. You will have following advantages of the trade shows and expos;

1) Targeted Audience
Trade shows focus on specific people in the market. People who attend the show have a special interest in the goods or services being displayed and therefore are potential customers.

2) Cost-effectiveness
Marketing campaigns are not cheap, and trade shows are not an exception. However, with proper arrangement and planning, you can reap the benefits of your campaign at a relatively lower cost. For this assemble a dedicated team and make more relevant arrangements instead of usual pomp and show.

3) Instant feedback
This Trade shows is going to provide you with an opportunity to understand the perceptions of the prospects. Some of the potential clients also offer their comments about the displayed items, which can be helpful to improve your display or marketing strategies in future. Other marketing campaigns do not offer the crucial feedback.

4) The customer’s prospect
Direct interaction improves the quality of communication and enhances the customer’s ability to understand your products or services, and your ability to understand their needs and interests. Once a positive relationship is build up with the customer you can pitch your online ads to them so they act as a bridge to other relevant customers.

The trade shows and Expos also provide with an opportunity to gain leads to fellow businessman so that an opportunity of collaboration can be made in future.