Mitrefinch helps businesses to Increase workforce productivity


Mitrefinch is responsible for producing products and services, which help a business to run more smoothly that without technological help. With precision in time management, a company can improve its productivity and overall performance using the time tracking software. The staffs employed to this task have spent decades of research to upgrade it into an intelligent system best for molding your business. Mitrefinch is, therefore, a supporter of businesses process to make life easier for the entrepreneur in all matters of business. It deals with the broadest range of issues from time and attendance, compliance regulations to maintaining HR standards.

They specialize in cloud, hybrid, and on-premise alternatives suitable for company growth. For many years, the company has gained experience and the loyalty of its customers to build products, which are intelligent and intuitive. They have perfected the skill of dealing with common technological challenges at work. For this reason, Mitrefinch is globally recognized and trusted software solution for start-up to scale-up businesses. The experienced and creative staff helps to produce useful solutions for businesses and organizations, which help maximize their productivity through freeing up time. Companies can be free from the York of time wasting through lengthy yet essential tasks.

The expert team engages the customer in finding their preferred styles and detailed requirements. This cooperation helps to produce a uniquely customized product to suit specific cases. The team of professionals offer valuable information to the client and guide them through the available solutions. The customers will learn how to use the software effectively for the best outcome of the project. With a perfect implementation process, the customers can benefit from adequate and efficient HR solution, which are permanent. There will be no more worry or concern for HR services but improved productivity and peace of mind.

Time and attendance software

Improvement of employee performance begins with time management. The company offers a great solution to time management as a way of helping customers get the most out of their employee tasks. You can improve your accuracy and ease of answering every question relating to your company dealing with who, where, and when. The fully automated cloud-based solution will track and monitor employee operation from clock-in at any entrance. The company accesses the real-time data and can retain the information for further use and decision-making processes. Here are the qualities of the system

  • The customer can view Software Features
  • Eliminate inaccurate reporting
  • Calculate Savings
  • Achieve Payroll Accuracy
  • Accurately Capture Employee Time & Attendance

You should be able to track and manage employee hours in real-time by improving the payroll accuracy.

Absence management software

Employee absenteeism is an enemy to the progress of your company and needs a perfect solution to address it. If not addressed adequately it may cost the business disruption, which translates to financial loses in the end. Here are some benefits of the software solution

  • Calculation of savings
  • Detection of absenteeism anomalies and trends of the employees
  • Gaining real-time visibility of the workers
  • Monitoring employees’ absence effectively and spot any abuse
  • Seeing employees who are responsible for significant contributions through attendance

Hr management software

It is important to have an efficient HR system to avoid delays and build orderliness in a business. This system will streamline human resources for easy access, assessment, and reports on issues related to human resources. They may include but not limited to job applications, training qualifications, and contact details. The software will help you to:

  • Easily store and access every possible Employee Records
  • Generating of detailed workforce reports on labor activity
  • Reducing time often spent on administrative tasks such as record-keeping and retrievals.
  • Simplify the entire recruitment process

Employee scheduling software   

Build cost-effective schedules and manage workforce forecasting by organizing efficient cost-effective schedules. This is a big challenge to complete manually hence the introduction of the Mitrefinch Automated scheduling and forecasting software for managers to harness data and rates of pay. With it, you can generate the most efficient roster for the duties. It will help you:

  • Prevent any unnecessary downtime and productivity losses
  • Maximize the workforce planning process as you anticipate staffing levels
  • Efficient mobile workforce management
  • Ensure the necessary skill sets are represented at every shift
  • Build automatic staff rosters quickly using accurate labor coverage

Absence Management

You need to manage your workforce both physically and in your absence. For this reason, the mobile workforce helps you remain relevant and active while on the move. With remote and off-site control, you can seamlessly clock in and out of any device. Here are some features

  • Capturing employee performance in all locations
  • Eliminating inaccurate timekeeping and compliance issues
  • Managing of Employee Scheduling while away on the move
  • Verification of employee hours with your online GPS Tracking

Employee self-service

You want your employees to be proud of the company and make the most use of their free time. You should empower them to own their spare time and leave. By increasing employee engagement, this software solution helps you save on valuable time. You can provide flexibility both to your remote and on-site workforce space to access their schedules online. It helps you to:

  • Allow the supervisors to have full control of their duties
  • Enable workers to request leave and emergency off easily
  • Improve overall employee satisfaction and attract pride in their company
  • Suitable for both on-site or remote workers