Payment Services and How Businesses Can Employ Them On and Offline


Payment Services and How Businesses Can Employ Them On and Offline

This article aims to provide valuable information to small and medium sized businesses regarding the ability to accept card payments from customers whether it is inside a brick and mortar business, while traveling, via mail/phone order or over the internet at an eCommerce store.


Merchant Services is one priority which new businesses often under-estimate or they are vaguely familiar with the procedures but do not stay ahead of the current trends or best methods of improving return on investment. Since a lot has changed over the last 2 decades in the financial sector whereby businesses no longer have to dig through phone directories or arrange meetings with their local bank to arrange credit card processing, many merchant’s are no finding independent providers via the internet who can negotiate lower transaction rates on the merchant’s behalf.

There is no doubt that technology and the internet has made life easier for local businesses because not only can they advertise, take orders and display their services to potential customers via the web but they can also organize their own facilities by researching PDQ machines(pictured above) online.

At this point it is good to recognize that with hi tech devices such as credit card terminals(PDQ terminals) the availability of PDF documents, photos and videos showing the functionality of these devices is paramount to the business owners decision making process. With third party merchant services providers having state-of-the-art websites displaying the PDQ terminals operating it makes it much easy for merchant’s to hire the best model for their needs.

Probably the most important feature that a credit card processing provider will be able to offer small businesses is the ability to get them approved for a merchant account, whether that is for regular offline payments or an internet merchant account. They will help the merchant with the application process which determines the processing rates and the transactions they accept from customers, they will have provide details about the nature of their products and the estimated value.


There is a great advantage to having one of these specialist accounts because it provides security and also convenience when withdrawing your earnings, you will not need to wait for clearance times only the scheduled time agreed between you and the acquiring bank.


By Steven Lee