Product Information Management System – Why is it necessary for retailers?


Do you think that boosting your customer base just boils down to shares, likes and advertising? If answered yes, you’re wrong as there’s more to it. In fact, one of the most critical aspects of making sure your e-commerce business expands that way you like it to are product information management. Information on products is the most influential and vital content to raise intentions on purchasing and experts think that on an average, brand impressions reduce by 20% due to scarce information on products.

So, if you don’t properly utilize PIM, you are not just missing out on the customers who could probably visit your site, but you also lose your customers to your competitors. Seek help of PimCore as they offer you the best open-source platform that is used all over the world. Take a look at why retailers need PIM.

Reason #1: You get to track the number of products

When your company expands, you will certainly find your products increasing manifold. How are you supposed to manage such a huge amount of product information like the descriptions, makes, price and their physical features? This is when you need the right PIM solution where all sorts of data on products will be organized and centralized. When you have a master location for everything, this will guarantee the accuracy of information.

Reason #2: Multiple data entry is too much time-consuming

The PIM software provides you with a single central interface where the retailers and keep adding and updating details on the products. This information will automatically reach other systems and hence retailers can save time and rather focus on completing other important business tasks.

Reason #3: Sales can increase with PIM

The capability to create collections is one of the main features of a PIM application. For instance, you can create a collection of all the products that are red and white and then enlist it as a Valentine Day sale. Hence, without putting in too much effort, you can provide your customers with a smooth user experience. For summer activities, give your clients a button to click through which they can reach a collection of grilling equipment.

Reason #4: Enhanced search engine optimization

When there is proper information on products, this lets your clients navigate through the site with easy. Once navigation gets easier, they stay for a longer time on your site. One more little-known benefits of using PIM software is that it makes your website more visible to the main search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Reason #5: Customized experiences

It isn’t enough for a retailer to sell his products on all platforms as he also needs to think of new creative ways for the clients to engage themselves with your brand. So, you can leverage PMI software for more than just updating details about your product on a web store. You can also use it for executing new strategies.

Therefore, now that you’re well-versed about the benefits of using PIM, don’t think twice before investing in this software. Never miss such a big opportunity offered by this software.