Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Consider Magento for their E-commerce Website


Small businesses or startups who want to have an online presence require a proper website. These small businesses have a wide array of e-commerce service providers in the market to choose from.

In the recent past, Magento appears to be the preferred choice for most e-commerce businesses with over 240,000 users all over the world. What small businesses look for in their e-commerce platform are tools that enable them attract customers to their site and increases sales volume. Magento appears to do exactly that.

Magento is an open-source content management system that enables small business to establish websites that are specific to their needs. Here are some of the main advantages of using Magento.

Flexible and Free

The cost of setting up an online store can be overwhelming for small businesses that operate on a slim budget. Magento offers a full e-commerce suite for free.

Every business is unique and has specific needs. The Magento e-commerce platform acknowledges this fact and allows users to customise functions to meet their specific needs. It also provides links to extensions in the Magento marketplace through the Magento Connect feature.

When operating an e-commerce store, you can’t fall short of applications that can improve functionality. This distinguishes Magento from other e-commerce platforms where users are confined to rigid options that may not be best suited for them.

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Ready Support

Having information on how best to use the various Magento tools is an important feature for small businesses. Due to the open-source nature of Magento, it has attracted a large expert community of users.

IT experts and website developers who are familiar with the platform will readily provide you with sound advice on any problem that you might encounter. This is very crucial for small businesses especially since they often lack the technical knowledge to effectively use the available tools on the Magento platform.

There is also a Q & A forum that has insightful information to guide small businesses that are new to Magento. If you are operating in the UK, there are also many Magento experts in London that you can consult and help you make the most of the platform.

Mobile Phone Friendly

Over 80% of all online traffic is generated by users logging in from their mobile phones. It is therefore common sense for small businesses to ensure that their websites are customised for mobile phone users.

Mobile phones are very convenient and users can do their shopping while taking a walk or doing other things. They don’t have to wait until they have access to their PC for that. Magento employs multiple HTML5 capabilities that ensure that mobile phone users can access your website via their mobile phones easily.


All these advantages coupled by the fact that Magento is an “all-under-one-roof” kind of solution provider makes it the best option for all small businesses just getting started with e-commerce. Other functions such as billing, shipping, inventory management and customer care are integrated on the Magento platform. If you are thinking of developing a website for your small business, the Magento e-commerce platform is definitely one of the best options out there.