So, what are the cheap web hosts that I should run away from?

Well, I don’t have the absolute truth nor have I tried all the hosting services in the market. However, as a summary and general guide, I would run away from those that met these characteristics:

  • They have a ridiculous price a year or are free.
  • They do not include a control panel in conditions such as cPanel, CentOS, etc.
  • They do not include the SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt. Nowadays it is very important to have a secure website, and if they do not offer Let’s Encrypt, you will have to pay for one of payment (worth the redundancy).
  • They do not guarantee a high service stability.
  • They do not have SSD hard drives.
  • They have bad opinions on the internet.

You just have to do a quick Google search to find out about dissatisfied customers with a hosting company. For a quick search, you can Google “XXX Hosting customer reviews”.

What WordPress Hosting India do you recommend?

Everything will depend on your needs and the type of project you need to host. Not only is it a matter of choosing one hosting or another, but all the website hosting has different a price plans. Sometimes, with the basic and cheapest plan of hosting offers, it’s already enough for you.

It also depends on what the purpose of the website will be. If it is a serious project such as an online store, etc., you need to consider a higher hosting plan. Of course, you cannot risk something serious by saving a few Dollars.

As I said, there are several quality hosting plans that are not necessarily expensive.

For example, if you are only going to have one up to 5 websites, the cheapest plan from HostingRaja is one of the best options. For me, this hosting is the best I’ve tried, and their plan starts from less than $3 per month for a year plan!

It means, for roughly $35, you will have a top-quality hosting, which does not seem to be an expensive price for most beginners.

Are you looking for a cheap hosting for WordPress?

If you have decided that WordPress will be your platform … Congratulations! Now you just need a hosting or web hosting where you can work with it.

The hosting is the online reserved space where you have hosted your WordPress to show everything that you upload to your web.

It is like your home computer, but connected to the Internet continuously, so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can access the information you upload at all times.

At HostingRaja, they know that at the beginning, people do not want to spend a lot of money on the hosting service, since they are testing how the system works. This is normal and also smart! It is better that the investment comes progressive depending on your current needs. However, you also don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the service. In fact, a bad hosting service can ruin your project and make you lose a lot of work hours.

In HostingRaja, they have designed the WordPress Hosting very carefully for business needs. They still offer some essential services for web hosting and offer all the guarantees of a company with more than 15 years of experience.

Cheap WordPress Hosting India with Technical Support Included

One of the most common fears among first-time WordPress users is not knowing what to do when they have a problem.

It is very important that you can have a technical support service that helps you solve the problems that may arise in your WordPress. That’s why all the web hosting plans for WordPress that they offer have a technical support service included.

This support service is universal in any of the chosen hosting plans. It doesn’t matter if you choose the cheapest option.


There are many other cheap and quality hosting providers. However, you have already seen that HostingRaja has always treated me very well from the beginning. That is why I have special interests on them.