Synerion Helps Small Enterprise Business to Increase Productivity


Time and attendance tools automate tracking of employee work status daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This software monitors the number of working hours, overtime, break time, leave balances, etc.

Are you looking for workforce management software to evaluate your employee time and attendance? Synerion is the answer to all your questions. It is a leading work management software for the next generation. Synerion classifies its time and attendance software as part of an advanced human capital management strategy. It provides solutions and services that can assist at different stages of employee’s life-cycle.

Synerion offers two different suits for customers depending on the size of their business.

  • Synerion Agile – Agile deals with small and medium scale businesses.
  • Synerion Enterprise – Enterprise workforce is available for large organizations.

These are the excellent products offered for small enterprises by Synerion:

  1. Workforce Management Software

If you are planning to regulate the process of your workforce management with a single powerful tool? Then, Synerion is a great choice for your business. Irrespective of its size and type of the industry, this software offers a comprehensive set of solutions that will effectively work for all kinds of organizations.

Synerion follow a different approach to improve your business processes and helps you to achieve small business goals in the best possible way.

  1. Employee Time and Attendance

If you are still managing employees time and attendance with excel sheets, then it’s the right time to know about “Synerion Time and Attendance Software”. Processing time sheets manually is old school, with Synerion keep your administrative team efficient and up-to-date.

The data of employees working hours is collected digitally using biometrics, electronic tags and other touch screens. With this software, the calculations can be done frequently and accurately to reduce errors. Synerion reduces your miscalculated pays and protects your company from payroll fraud.

  1. Labour Costing

Tracking labour cost can be a challenging task for small organizations. Synerion has the capability to identify and rectify any errors caused during the workflow. Thereby, it reduces labour cost and improves ROI. Managing and maintaining a labour cost is important for a service provider and manufacturer. It is an effective way to identify profitability at each and every level of your business.

  1. Staff Scheduling

Staff scheduling is a time-consuming activity in both small and large organizations. Synerion offers well-planned scheduling. It ensures the right employee for the right designation at the right time and place. Staff scheduling can be done based on predefined factors like employee skills, experience, availability, etc. At every stage of work, it generates real-time alerts during the gaps (free time of employee).

  1. Absence Management Software

Apart from the number of working days, you need to maintain accurate records of non-working days of your employee. The time off may be vacation time, jury duty or compensation time.

Synerion absence management tool is an effective tool that can perform multiple tasks during the time off.

  • Reduces the workload of the administration team by automating the absence request process.
  • Great way to manage sick leave, casual leave, and partial absences.
  • Effectively maintain the absence track of employee with “time banking”.
  • Synerion ensures the absence request comply with guidelines of union and labour laws.
  1. Time Clocks

Undergoing a manual process can extend to major issues like time fraud, over and under-scheduling, etc. Synerion offers an automated time clock software solution. It includes a competitive set of modules mostly used for small business.

Those modules are time and attendance data collection, mobile access, biometric data collection and more. Making the use of touch screen devices ensures a high level of security for employees and organization. By implementing time clock to your business you can save money and time.

  1. Mobile Work Flow Management

Mobile workflow management is one of the advanced feature available in Synerion. Manager and employee can do everything with this mobile software on the go.

Things Manager can do:

  • Managers can view and accept the leave request of an employee.
  • With the company directory, everyone can communicate easily.
  • Edit time sheets through the Mobile app.

Things Employee can do:

  • An employee can view a daily work schedule.
  • View location and department.
  • Request leave application.
  • Flexible communication with employees or managers.
  1. Access Control

Security is the main concern for any business. If you are planning to keep your employees, machinery, authentic data or other valuable assets in a safe place away from threats. Then, opt for Synerion access control. It helps you in keeping your valuables safe.

  1. Get a chance to monitor your business with highly secured access controls.
  2. Provides security access devices at entrances and in front of all doors if required.
  3. Limited access for a restricted area in your organization.
  4. 24×7 monitors your business with live video feeds.

Synerion solutions and software are mostly used in various industries such as  

Industry TypeProduct
ManufacturingScheduling and workforce management software
HealthcareStaffing, scheduling and automated payroll process
HospitalityWorkforce management, event-based scheduling and plan labour resource
RetailManaging availability and engage a workforce
EducationScheduling, automated administration process and departments requirements
Transportation & DistributionScheduling, better budget execution, generate reports and reduce exposure.
GovernmentReduced exposure to compliance risk and proactive workforce management.

Synerion is an award-winning time and attendance software. Currently, Synerion serves over 8000 happy customers around the globe. With more than 30 years of experience in their pocket, they provide solutions that can manage more than 6 million employees. They provide outstanding tools to achieve maximum productivity for small business.