Tevfik Arifov and his success is an example for following


How did Tevfik Arif make his fortune? Life path, biography, business of Tofig Arifov and relations with Donald Trump.

Many people need an example that their life would prove that everything can be achieved with a sufficient amount of motivation and putting effort into it. The life of Tevfik Arifov can be just such an example for you. This name has been heard for years. What kind of person is this and why is everyone talking about him?

Tofig Arifov was born in Kazakhstan in 1953 with name given him by his parents. His life cannot be called successful from the very beginning. He grew up in a completely ordinary family and was able to finish only nine classes. But somehow, he managed to become a respected person throughout Kazakhstan and the post-Soviet space.

Much in Arif’s life was played by the fact that he was lucky to get the position of deputy director of the Hotel Management Department at the Ministry of Trade of the Soviet Union. This gave him a powerful impetus, as well as the experience of managing a large institution and a large number of people, which is also important.

Tevfik Arifov organized the Trading Company together with his brother after leaving there. It began to import rare metals, raw materials, chlorine and chemicals, on which the brothers managed to collect their first fortune. Having established contacts with foreign suppliers, they were able to fill the market with goods supplied specifically by their company.

The Tevfik’s family has moved to Turkey after the first successes and the businessman has become the owner of the jewelry company. He also felt the spirit of modernity and opened his own hotel in 1999. It also became a profitable investment because of Turkey became a mecca for tourists.

Tevfik Arif managed to establish ties with the Kazakh Trio, which includes Patokh Shodiev, Alidjan Ibragimov and Alexander Mashkevich. This allowed him to increase his profit with the help of common projects with these large sharks in the arena of business in the vast expanses of the former Soviet Union. But the most successful acquaintance was his friendship with Donald Trump, which has begun on the basis of common real estate projects. Trump was not yet the president of the United States at the time of their implementation, but they continue to maintain communication still now.

Tevfik Arif finds time for long-standing hobbies even with constant busyness. Namely it is a football. There are the rumors that he even wants to buy the Aston Villa football club, which can cost him more than £ 250 million.

Tevfik Arif has an amazing ability to combine work and ordinary life and achieve tremendous success in everything. It is worth to take an example from him.