The Unique Functions and Features of Vanity Toll-Free Numbers


Sometimes, customers refrain from procuring businesses and their services because of the cost of accessing providers. Toll-free numbers are a great solution because the burden of payment falls on the company and not the customer.

Toll-free phone numbers have many functions and not just as contact options. Businesses can significantly benefit from toll-free numbers if they can maximize their use.

Functions of Toll-free Numbers

Vanity toll free numbers can be used to increase a business’ market share by creating a nationwide presence because the numbers are obtainable in all toll-free area codes. All prefixes can be added to a vanity phone number to create different combinations of numbers that can be used by customers. A broader customer base will increase the sale volume because of the influx of customers outside the business’ geographical area.

A company does not need to change its number for customers under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) since customers in the area codes can use the toll phone number free of charge. With free phone calls, call volumes are bound to increase due to affordability.

Vanity toll free numbers are a convenient platform for communication with consumers. Customers look for cost-effective means to communicate, and since they are free customers can contact the business free of charge and with easy access, increasing the magnitude of consumer interaction. The company can use the data obtained from the communication for lead capture.

The vanity phone number is the property of the client and not the service provider. The numbers can be transferred to other venders when the need arises as it is owned on a contractual basis only. It’s to be noted that only trial accounts are owned by service providers.

Features of Toll-Free Numbers

The toll-free numbers can be used in text messaging: both for sending and receiving texts. The feature is useful for customers who prefer to communicate via text.

The toll-free numbers also operate with a mobile application that distinguishes business and personal callers outgoing caller identification name. Maintaining the caller ID on outgoing calls enables the company to uphold professionalism while carrying out business operations.

Toll-free numbers are also useful resources for call-tracking. Different prefixes can be used for various offline advertising campaigns. The frequency of the number used to contact the business is indicative of which marketing strategy has worked well for the business.

The phone numbers can also be used in analytics and lead capture because the information acquired during the calls provides vital information on consumer behavior, preferences, and market dynamics. Customers call to inquire, complain, give feedback, and recommendation besides procuring goods and services, which is vital for the business. If utilized in the right way, it can result in business growth.


Customers ignore calling businesses because of the costs associated with it.  The incentive to call is further diminished by wait-on-hold charges. Companies that cover call costs increase the likelihood of customers calling them more. With this in mind, toll-free numbers are, therefore, an excellent way of increasing consumer traffic to any business.

Vanity numbers are not only easy to acquire and access but are also an inexpensive way of connecting with clients and an absolute essential for a growing business.