Time Tracking Software Options for Entrepreneurs

time tracking software

In the world of Entrepreneurship, the ball lies in the court of the fittest. It is quite literally the survival of the fittest. To be fit when you are just young and starting out in the world of business, it essential to very updated and know what is going in and around you. A great business becomes great because of two important things, one is a dedicated team and other is a dedicated leader. You know you are going to do better when you have the combination of both these things. One essential thing to keep going and to know that you are reaching somewhere with the kind of efforts you and your team are putting is by tracking the time of the kind of work you are doing. For the same reason, you will need a good time tracker so that you can back date and check what work you have done and what is needed to be done. Having a good time tracker will help to not only track your time but even the work you have done at that given time.

The struggle now is to find a good time tracker which are not creepy and which do not spam your inbox by mails after using them just once. There are a variety of options available to choose from. Some of them are particularly used to manage remote teams while the others are there to ease the manager’s work. But irrespective of whatever time tracker you are using, it needs to have the following features:

  • It offers a freemium version that is not time bound and that lets you evaluate whether the software is appropriate according to the dynamics of your firm.
  • It provides with at least one free integration with a popular tool so that you can know and understand the features of the software.
  • It provides a project-management functionality. This is obviously required because as a firm you would not want to install multiple softwares. You will need one software which takes care of all your project-management, time tracking, and billing needs. All of this integrated into one makes a good time tracker.
  • And lastly, it should offer a mobile solution to provide that flexibility and ease when you are at the client location. This helps you track your time not just in the office but even outside of it.

Now, that we have highlighted the kind of features you need to choose the best of service for yourself. We are being considerate to even list down some of the best time tracking softwares and applications which will make your life easier.

  • Tick: This is one of the most unique software because it automatically updates users of budget changes with each of your time card. You need not have to maintain those time-consuming and cumbersome spreadsheets for the same. And how do you know whether this software is reliable or no? It has over 900 reviews on Capterra and enjoys a rating of 4.5 for the kind of customer service it provides.
  • vu: This is a complete package because it not only provides time tracking facilities but even integrates features like project management, CRM, and billing tool. What’s more? It offers access to 100 MB for storage purposes. By upgrading this software, you even get an access to its reporting feature-largely time management analytics which is worth paying.
  • Trigger: One of the most amazing features about this app is that even with a free version, you can have an access to its CRM functionality, sales team keep track of their communication with clients, tasks can be zoomed at a granular level to give you an in-depth view and even manages your time. And all of this comes with its free version.
  • Due Time Tracking: This app has a certain uniqueness that allows you to track time with an automatic idle time detection feature. You can simply start the timer, and a new session will automatically start. As and when you progress, you can generate invoices based on hourly rates. This app also helps you effectively organize your client’s information by name, date, address, hourly rates, and even different currencies.
  • Rescue Time: This app is super effective for freelancers who want to track their time and report it to their managers. This gives you adetailed report and accurate picture as to how do you want to plan your day. This can majorly be used for curbing your personal curiosity.

All of the above-listed apps and softwares have something or the other in store for you. You can either opt for a single app or a combination to give you the desired results. You need to understand how your firm works and select the one which is the most appropriate one.