Top B2B Marketing Strategies on Instagram


There is no doubt that in the past few years, Instagram has emerged as a fascinating tool for effective B2B marketing. Millions of brands, both big and small, are using the platform to implement their B2B marketing strategy. It is being regarded as a channel that offers the right visual means to connect with the target audience directly. So any brand that is not making the effective use of Instagram yet should start without delay.

With the total number of Instagram users crossing one billion in 2018, there is no way that this platform can be neglected any more. Many brands have reported that Instagram marketing accounts for a large chunk of the total traffic on their sites. Marketing strategies are taking various steps to implement their b2b marketing strategy effectively on this platform, . Apart from setting up the right business profile and the best content, users are also using Instagram video downloader apps to study the content of their opponents.

If you are not sure about how to start with an effective b2b marketing strategy in Instagram, here are a few useful tips from our end.

Authentic interaction

If you have opened a business profile on Instagram, keep in mind that it is a channel that lays stress on authentic personal interactions with your viewers. It is not the business that the viewers would prefer to interact with but rather the human face behind the business. This can make developing the right content for Instagram somewhat challenging ,but you can observe, study and use Instagram video downloader apps to analyse what others are doing. While speaking to the audience at a personal level, Instagram also allows you to get a bit more playful and hence you can implement your b2b marketing strategy more creatively.

Use of video

Video is the prime aspect of attracting the viewers of Instagram as it has the highest number of viewers. The current audience is not captivated by pictures but rather by a story. From that aspect, a video with the right bits of the sound can is the best possible option to implement your b2b marketing strategy. This is where the Instagram video downloader apps can play a vital role in helping you to develop the right content. Adding a short but engaging story to promote your brand and highlighting them is the right way to move forward on Instagram. Creative video content will also leave your viewers inspired while properly influencing them.

Innovation is the key

Among the variety of brands on Instagram, some promoting their b2b marketing strategy in innovative ways is making a difference.  Some brands are focusing on the end users and telling stories from the customer’s point of view. They are using the customer as the third party to promote the brand and connect with the audience. Some other brands are breaking up informative blog posts into short images that are offering the perfect Instagram experience. When your account is on the growth stage, the right use of hashtags is also a key factor. Research about hashtags so that you find the ones most relevant to your post.

Fix a goal

While getting innovative on Instagram is fine, posting content without a specific purpose is not taken as a good approach in a positive b2b marketing strategy. The goal of a post may not be just to attract an audience to your site. You can focus on the other aspects of your brand and promote those features to enhance the brand image. While humanizing the brand is important, you can also fix an approach to deliver the right range of visual content that promotes your product. If Instagram is not your primary sales driver, you can use it to share industry statistics or vital customer information. With Instagram video downloaders readily available, such content can help customers to derive better service from the brand.

Minimising the sales pitch

Instagram is a versatile platform but it is not primarily a major sales generator for your brand. A direct sales approach in Instagram may not work and it is not the best idea to aggressively push sales in Instagram. The best approach will be to educate and entertain the audience and build a larger image of your brand. In some cases, the less you mention about your products in your content, the wider the reach it will have. With Instagram video downloader apps becoming popular, your content can also get shared via other platforms if it creates the right impact. You can still place advertisements through Instagram and keeping the tone creative will be a good idea.

Engaging with the audience

Since smartphone users drive Instagram, it is easier to engage with the audience in a direct manner. Using the tags in the right manner is an effective way to attract attention and you can also take help from your relationships with partners and influencers to promote your content effectively. Another way is to use your employees, especially the younger generation, to do some relationship-building through Instagram. The direct approach is also a great way to make the best out of your b2b marketing strategies.

Content quality

To build the right base of followers on Instagram you need to offer content that is rich and delivers sufficient value to the audience. The best approach is to focus on quality content that aligns with your basic b2b marketing strategy.You must spend sufficient time and funds to develop the content that you post so that it can stand out from the thousands of posts that come up in a user’s phone. Posting authentic content that offers a deeper look into your company’s culture and product will make the right impact on the customer base that you have selected. As Instagram video downloaders have become popular, the viewers can look into your brand in a deeper way, so keep the image of your brand in mind while posting content,

These are some effective tips to start promoting your brand through Instagram. While this will not lead to instant conversions, once you have gathered a sufficient number of followers, you can make the right impact on your customer base.


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