Tops 5 Tips for a Better Office Environment


If you are a business owner thinking of redesigning your office, a quick search of the web will reveal pictures of sophisticated spaces like those from BE Offices, with modern glass walls, plush seating and the latest tech.

But how can you replicate this look? If your office space is dark and dingy,  or small and cramped, you may be at a loss as to where to start. However, there are many clever tricks and techniques you can use when redesigning your office space to create a better and more productive environment.

  1. De-Clutter

If you look at photos of modern office spaces on social media you will quickly realise that they all have one thing in common: minimalism. One of the easiest and fastest ways to change the look and feel of any office space is to get rid of the clutter. Install hidden storage with a cabinet that spans an entire wall, remove old office equipment, and store files digitally to avoid large stacks of paperwork.

  1. Divide into Zones

While offices used to contain rows of cubicles, in recent years, the working environment has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of small confined areas, as more open and collaborative work spaces are in vogue. To produce a working environment that fosters communication and productivity, section office areas into zones for collaboration, relaxation and private working.

  1. Update Lighting

Bad office lighting can contribute to eyestrain and headaches, leading to higher sickness rates. It can also make your workforce feel irritable, causing tension among your employees. As such, updating your lighting can hugely benefit your employees, while also creating a better-looking office. Natural lighting is the best, but if your space is lacking in windows, use mirrors to reflect light and try to stay away from harsh artificial lighting.

  1. Colour

Changing colour is a great way to update any office space with just a lick of paint. However, certain colours, like red and orange, can be counterproductive. To achieve that slick, modern style, opt for warm neutral colours, such as deep beiges, greys and golden creams. Neutral tones also work to lighten up and open spaces, making smaller offices feel larger.

  1. Technology

No modern office space is complete without technology. Not only does investing in tech help you to achieve a more sophisticated office space, but it can also improve the working environment. Invest in software that allows for office instant messaging, pay for online cloud storage so employees can access information and files from any location, or update conference rooms with virtual meeting tech.