What Can Law Practice Management Software Do for You?


Today’s fast-paced world offers many types of automation and software to help us keep up, and the legal profession is no different. Attorneys today use legal matter management software from companies like Mitratech to organize and run busy law practices. From keeping track of cases to staying in touch with clients, the modern legal profession relies on software to keep things moving.

In the Cloud

Law practices have used different types of software from wordprocessing to billing for many years now, but recently many types of legal software are now based in the cloud. The advantage of this is that your files can be accessed from anywhere at any time as long as you have a mobile device and a connection. It is worth checking out cloud-based services now because many software companies are moving exclusively to this kind of set up.

Assess Your Needs

Your first step will be to figure out exactly what you need the software to do. You will want to read reviews of the different products and weigh their strengths and weaknesses. Some companies offer a complete package with many features built-in, while others let you choose the add ons you are interested in.

The Bottom Line

Of course, the price tends to drive these kinds of decisions. You can often find tiered pricing where you are charged more according to the features you add. You may have to pay subscription fees particularly for document management, which is an important part of a law practice. This should include some way to efficiently organize case files, as well as safely share them among employees and others outside of the practice, such as experts, clients or other attorneys.

Organizing Workflow

Legal management tools can also help you organize the workflow of the office and coordinate calendars among the employees. It can track appointments and court dates, and send alerts ahead of time. Another aspect is keeping track of time for billing. Compiling and sending bills is another important feature, as is the processing of payments from clients.

Security is Paramount

The most important aspect of legal management software is security. The company must have a good track record with client security in terms of sharing documents and communications between clients and attorneys. Many firms still rely on email, but legal management software packages often come with highly secure communications options these days.

By doing a bit of research, you can find legal practice management software that fits the needs of your practice, works efficiently and saves you money.