WhatsApp profile picture: How to Choose the Right One


It doesn’t matter what type of information we share on Social media, the first impression always comes from visual. We all know that we first encounter profile picture when we check out any profile. In this world of divergent attention, the photo you choose isn’t illustrative or eye-catching then you may miss the chance of making a positive impression.

That’s why it is quite a difficult to choose a perfect DP for WhatsApp or WhatsApp group. This is the first thing that creates a great impression of yours. You can also choose a most suitable DP for WhatsApp with the help of some tools. So don’t snazzy up that boring WhatsApp DP

How to Choose the Right Picture?

Your profile picture will give other an idea of who you are. So you should be quite careful while selecting an image. People always share their views about the WhatsApp profile picture when they meet. Your profile picture will create an image of yours in others mind. That’s why the profile picture should be selected precisely.

The smile is the best ways to make your profile picture more beautiful. In this article, we have complete guidelines that will assist you to choose the right DP for WhatsApp.

The Tight Lips

In this case, the lips should be tightened so that they will form a straight line. The teeth should be hidden and women do this smile when they want to hide a secret. They also prefer this smile when they are not interested to express an opinion.

This smile is quite perfect for those who want to make a business profile picture on WhatsApp. The open mouth pictures are quite inappropriate if you are dealing with clients. This smile will make your more reliable and professional.

Side Looking-Up

In this type of picture, your head is turned sideways and it is lining down with eyes pointing up. This picture will represent a younger look. Young, cheerful and attractive people try this type of picture. You can say that this picture is a combination of hybrid expression.

Men cannot resist this type of picture because it evokes the innate feeling of protection in them. This is one of the most commonly used weapons to seduce men. With the help of this picture, you can win over the audience.

Open Mouth

The open mouth is considered as the most emphasized type of smiling. In this type of smile, the lower jaw is brought down as it will give you an impression of being a cheerful person. The people who like to evoke the feeling of happiness wear this smile.

Politician uses this smile to collect more votes and normal people wear this smile when they are cheerful, funny and friendly. You can use this open mouth smile on your WhatsApp DP.

Asymmetric Smile

Well talking about this smile, it represents sarcasm and irony. Politicians prefer this smile when they talk about the opposing party. If you are involved in politics, then this smile is perfect for your display picture. Sometimes reporters and journalists prefer this kind of image as their DP.


When you smile forcefully, then it appears as a fake smile. An artificial smile is completely different from a natural smile as natural smile use the entire muscles of mouth and eyes. So it is quite easy to observe an unnatural smile. Therefore you should not this kind of profile picture because it will make your DP aseptic and emotionless. An artificial smile is always harmful in any situation so try to avoid it.

Half Smile

Well, it is one of the most enigmatic smiles because anyone can easily misinterpret this smile. Sometimes this smile represents the expression of asymmetrical and satisfaction. Most of the times, this smile acts as an invitation of interaction.

Women use this smile when they want the man to make some productive interaction with them. This smile is one of the sexiest expressions for your WhatsApp profile picture. This smile is ill-advised for business peoples as it the wrong message.

Genuine Smile

A genuine smile is the exact opposite of the fake smile. In this case, the mouth and eyes expression is coherent. Both the involuntary and involuntary muscles are activated to represent this smile. Happy people use this smile which generates immediate reciprocation.

The experts of communication use this smile as their WhatsApp DP and it evokes a positive feeling. It has the capacity to bring a smile on viewers face. You can use this smile on private WhatsApp account.


People use WhatsApp for various purposes and the Display Picture is the first thing that creates an image of yours. So you need to be careful about selecting a perfect profile picture. We advise you to select the image according to your audience. We have mentioned some options for you in the above article.