Why You Need a Commercial Litigation Attorney for Your Small Business


Running a business is exciting, especially as you scale new heights and reach new goals. More profits, a growing customer base, and gaining an edge over your competitors is satisfying, but it can all crumble down in no time. Legal disputes can hit your business, a blow that could be hard to withstand, especially with all the complexities involved in business law. Contract breaches, fraud cases such as insurance/tax, and employee compensation cases – to mention a few – can take a toll on your progress. Before you realize it, your flourishing business could be facing possible collapse. Such instances stress the need to get a head start while establishing a business by learning the law involved or enlisting professionals such as Attorney Matthew J. Tharney.

Enlisting a commercial litigation attorney might initially seem like a high and unnecessary expense.  Small businesses typically avoid enlisting law professionals, yet their contributions can significantly enhance the success rate by avoiding common legal pitfalls that could come back to haunt your progress. Established businesses are usually well represented, either with a team of in-house lawyers, hiring law firms on retainer, or other arrangements. As a small business, you shouldn’t discount the value of a commercial litigation attorney. Some of the benefits that make their services an indispensable consideration as you strive to build a bigger business include:


Crafting binding contracts is one of the easiest ways a business can lessen possible disputes. From employee and service agreements to contracts with vendors/suppliers, partners, and other organizations, ensuring that you develop rigid contracts and are not in breach isn’t always straightforward. With an experienced commercial litigation attorney, you can rest assured that all your contracts are effective, protecting your business. With their counsel, you can avoid common mistakes that could see you breaching the contracts, falling into hot water with the law. With effective contracts, you can keep fraudulent disputes at bay and fight any issues that arise without backtracking everything if you aren’t sure you are on the right side of the law.

Focus on your business

Being a jack of all trades doesn’t pay off that well, especially in the business world. Concentrating on legal matters could ruin your business, as your core functions are affected. Enlisting a commercial litigation attorney eliminates the need to focus on such issues, giving you enough time to concentrate on what you are best at. This means that you can deliver quality products/services, allowing you to capture more customers and grow your business without worrying about legal concerns.

Get it right – the first time

Is your business operating under the correct formation? When legal disputes arise, are you confident that you can navigate the complex concerns and smoothly handle the problems? As you establish a business, you need the right structure, and while dealing with disputes, following the required processes is essential. Missing a step could significantly jeopardize your business, and the worst part is that you might not even realize it until it is too late. With a commercial litigation attorney, you’ll get everything law-related right the first time, eliminating considerable snags that could derail your progress.

You shouldn’t only consider a commercial litigation attorney while dealing with legal disputes. From business formation, contract development, and everything law-related, having a professional by your side can supercharge your quest to grow a bigger and more profitable business.