Workplace Design and Employee Productivity


Workplace Design and Employee Productivity

An effective workplace design can maximize the employee productivity. Office space and facilities can bring a huge difference in the success of the business. A better workplace design is a cost associated process, but the benefits drawn by the minimal changes to the workplace can increase the employee motivational levels and productivity. Many studies have proven that employees in well designed physical spaces are 20 percent more productive. The physical environment can show a major impact on employee perceptions and attitude towards the organization.

Usually, workers or employees give primary preference to the jobs where they can find better workplace to work. So it is very important to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment, it adds uniqueness to the business which can highly reduce the work pressure, in turn, it can bring out hidden talents of the employees in becoming more productive and gives much better chances to maximize profits.

Many studies on employee behavior state that the workplace design and workplace facilities can show high influence in the employee motivational levels. Henry A. Landsberger proposed Hawthorne effect, according to this theory employees can perform better under better physical working conditions, and he practically proved it by changing the lighting in the workplace.

It is easy to motivate and keep employees happier by providing minimal changes to the workplace such as improving lighting, providing safe drinking water, relaxing spaces, comfortable sitting facilities, and adjustable desks, etc.


Though there is well-organized space, attractive color schemes, interior decoration and unique furniture, but without proper lighting, workers cannot use all other facilities. So it is very important to provide sufficient lighting by using natural as well as artificial lights, it can make the employees more productive.

Relaxing spaces

Better relaxing spaces can be designed by using more comfortable furniture and stress relief colors to the walls such as light greens and blues etc. Many reports have proven that intelligent workplace strategies can help in the better utilization of break time; it enhances the productivity and employee performance. So the modern organizations are designing workplace according to the employee opinions and feedback.


While designing the workplace, it is very important to focus on placing windows wherever possible. It allows fresh air and lighting which helps in the well-being of the workers, many studies on workplace design have proven that providing windows have both the direct and indirect effects which are not only meant for fresh air, sunlight penetration, illumination, and view. A better view of natural elements such as plants, mountains, water bodies, vegetation, mountains etc can highly reduce the job stress and gives peace of mind to the people in the workplace.

Use light colors

While coloring the workplace it is necessary to use light reflecting colors because these colors can make rooms appear bigger, brighter and more open. Colors such as white, cool blues and greens, creamy yellow, light gray etc can bounce the light and helps in creating a more peaceful environment and greatly reduces the job stress and dissatisfaction to an extent.

Fill the workspace with plants

Plants in the workplace are not only for decoration, it helps in improving air quality due to the consumption of Carbon dioxide; increase in oxygen levels can remove trace amounts of toxic chemicals and pollutants from the air. Pollution free work environment and fresh air can reduce the occupational diseases, stress, and lung disorders, etc.

Artwork and posters

Artwork and posters can make the workplace more unique and interesting. Generic corporate posters and pictures related to nature can boost the employee’s perceptional levels and it gives an impersonal look which can motivate all the employees in the organization by eliminating all discriminations. Using large-scale pieces of posters are better than using small and multiple ones; it can make the workplace more attractive. Also, you can use these soundwave art that gives off a natural yet soothing ambience to the entire area.

Sound insulation

It is the ability of the building structures in order to reduce the sound transmissions and echo. It is not enough to design and decorate the office/workplace beautifully, but it is very important to maintain a peaceful environment by reducing sound pollution and sound transmissions. Using innovative noise control materials such as noise and sound isolation foams, sound proofing foams, sound proofing plastic curtains, noise absorbers and acoustic sound panels, etc can reduce the unnecessary transmission of sound.

Comfortable furniture

It is always recommended to notice the importance employee comfort while purchasing the office furniture. The cost incurred in buying comfortable furniture is less than that of losses occur due to the employee dissatisfaction due to the uncomfortable chairs and office desks. Using soft cushioned chairs for the relaxation of the body especially back neck and arms, specially designed desks with multiple and different-sized drawers, and translucent mat surfaced glass desk, etc can facilitate the employees to become more productive and innovative.

Best flooring

A commercial work/office space requires suitable and best flooring. It not only gives good look but it can reflect what goes on inside the workplace and organizations standards. Best and suitable flooring options such as vinyl flooring for style and affordability, rubber flooring for ease of maintenance, carpets, and carpet tiles for warm up the workplace, hardwood flooring for the classic look, laminate flooring for durability, and glass tiles for water resistance, etc. According to the environmental conditions, work operations and flow of traffic levels into the office, flooring should be selected.

Make better use of small spaces

Even if the office or workplace is well designed and decorated then also the remaining small and narrow spaces may not appear good. Utilizing those spaces with well designed, colorful vertical storages or tall shelves can help in storing clutter, old files and less frequently used things.

Highlight attractive outside views

Without spending it is possible to enjoy the nature and attractive views outside the office. By using unique window designs and rooms with transparent glass windows can highlight the external attractive views of nature.

Hide unattractive cords

Many offices are using innovating methods to hide the unattractive cords, because these may reduce all the efforts invested in the office design and decoration. However, some devices that need to be plugged in, so using wall fixing boxes at the back of the device to keep these cords out of sight.

Exhaust Fans

Pungent odors in the workplace may not let the workers be productive because these may cause lung diseases, asthma, and allergies. Exhaust fans in the workplace can exhaust the harmful and hazardous chemicals. So while designing workplace designers should focus on slots for large exhaust fans in wall or roof of the building.

Natural Air fresheners

A pleasant smell can keep employee’s mind peaceful and helps in reducing workplace stress. Air freshness can neutralize the pungent odors and can create a more pleasant environment. Using natural air fresheners can minimize the health hazards, chemical exposure, and pollution.