5 Effective Anti-malware Software/Tools for Windows


Can you imagine a day without your computer? Impossible, right? Be it personal or professional purposes; people spend more than 70% of their day with their devices. People store all their personal to professional sensitive information on these devices. Your device can be threatened and infected by many sources such as hackers, viruses, and malware. So, it is highly important to have secure your system with anti-malware software.

What is anti-malware?

Anti-malware is a software developed to scan, identify, and remove malware or malicious software that infects your system. Malware can include computer worms, ransomware, spyware, etc. If you want to keep your data safe, then you must install anti-malware software in your system. This software can be deployed on PCs, dedicated network appliance, and gateway server.

Here are 5 such anti-malware tools that can help you in keeping your devices secure.


Malwarebytes is designed to be tough against threats, more intuitive, and easier on your computer. It provides responsive solutions and protection for organizations all over the world, irrespective of their size. Malwarebytes is more than an antivirus. A traditional virus is slow to react to new threats. However, this anti-malware software uses additional layers of technology such as behavior matching, application hardening, and anomaly detection to crush and prevent your system against malware.

With Malwarebytes, your system not only stays safe from malware & hackers but also cleans up your infected system. Keeps your information safe as it protects you from all angles. Be it visiting a virus-infected website, clicking on a malicious link, or accepting calls from scammers, rest assured your information is safe as Malwarebytes shuts down all the new and old vectors as they come-up. 

Malware bytes is the best anti-malware software available in the market, as it is compatible with many popular anti-virus applications. If you also want to secure your device from malware, then get this software using a Malwarebytes coupon code.



Malwarebytes – Free

Malwarebytes Premium – $39.99/yr for 1 device


Teams – $119.97/ yr for 3 devices

EndPoint Protection – $699.90/yr for 10 devices

EndPoint Protection & Response – contact them for price details.


Zemana is the smart protection your system and data needs. This tool provides you with real-time protection. They carefully crafted it to provide your device with the utmost safety. Even though it is small, it gives a highly powerful performance. It protects your device against advanced security threats by using limited resources of your system. Sounds cool, right? The neural engine of Zemana is getting smarter with each passing day.

It protects your device against any threat that your system encounters. This tool uses the power of AI in cybersecurity. It performs a fast scan effectively on your device to find any spyware, virus detection and removal, and malware. Zemana detects and removes any annoying add-ons, unwanted apps, adware, or any malware on your device. You can download the free demo, and if you like the features, then get the premium version.


Anti-malware License for 1 year- $25.00

Anti-malware License for 2 years- $38.00

Anti-malware License for 3 years- $50.00

IObit Malware fighter

This tool provides all-round protection to your device with a powerful anti-malware and privacy locking. IObit fights against any powerful threats such as ransomware, Trojans, virus, spyware, worms, adware, etc. It will even protect you from the newest malware threats. IObit offers real-time threat blocking and also performs a fast and comprehensive scan of your system to find any malware.

If you’re running an organization on an average in a day, you would be dealing with lots and lots of important documents. So, it is important that you keep these documents safe. With IObit, you don’t have to worry about your privacy as you can lock all your private documents in the safe of this tool. It prevents all your files against malware and ransomware. All you have to do is set your password, and no one can access your data other than you.

This tool keeps your daily web surfing also safe. It keeps you away from phishing websites, malicious links, and annoying ads. IObit’s advanced security guards will give protection to multiple platforms. The startup guard will accelerate a secure startup, and it will stop any malicious process running in RAM. You can download this software for free. If you like it, then you can buy the pro version for $19.95.

SpyBot Search & Destroy

The security and privacy of your computer are highly important for Spybot. This software protects your device against malware and other threats. Spybot offers unique anti-ware protection. If you want to gain protection for your device against all kinds of privacy threats and malware, then you must get antivirus edition too.

Take control over your system and use its features to protect your devices. This software offers features such as Anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-beacon, live protection, startup tools, rootkit scan, system immunization, protected repair environment, automatic signature updates, task scheduling, priority support, script editor, boot CD creation, command-line tools, filealyzer, secure shredder, system registry repair. Choose an editor that matches your requirements.



Home- €11.99

Professional- €21.99


Business editions

Corporate- €29.00

Technicians- €49.99

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home

Viruses are not the only threats now. Your system is subjected to new threats such as malware. So, it has become highly important to secure your devices using anti-malware software such as Emsisoft. This software detects malware faster because of its two major anti-malware and antivirus technologies. Because of this effective combination, it scans faster too. It uses the least of your memory and other hardware resources. There are many unneeded browser toolbars, software, and adware that gets installed with freeware software downloads in your system. With Emsisoft, you can destroy all of this one at a time.

It has 4 proven protection layers to block online threats from every angle, i.e., surf protection, real-time file guard, behavior blocker, anti-ransomware. Emsisoft browser security provides safe web-browsing too, as it blocks all the bad websites without compromising on your security and privacy. Its anti-ransomware protection is custom-built; it detects behavioral patterns of attacks and stops your files from getting encrypted. This tool also allows you to create your own portable emergency kit. It also provides protection to your mobile devices with its next-gen security solution.