5 Packaging Tips when you are Launching a New Product


Introducing a new product to the world is an exciting moment for every organization. You need to pay attention while launching a product to the competitive market. If you want to launch a successful product, then start thinking outside the box.

The first impression is always the best!!! Impress your customers with an attractive packaging design. As per the recent analysis, 72% of customers have said that product packaging has influenced their purchase decisions.

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Following are important functions of packaging

Product identification

A person can identify the product with packaging. A product is packaged with a brand colour and shaped container. It helps you in being unique and differentiate you from competitors in the market.

Product protection

The ultimate function of packaging is to prevent the product from breakage, direct and dampness. For example, chips and biscuits should protect from breakage.


Conveniently packing the product can be easy for a delivery person and customers. For example, coke pet bottle is a convenient way to stock.

Product promotion

Effective packaging can simplify the job of sales promotion. Quality packing material can consistently remind customers about your product. As a result, it increases the conversion rate.

Following are the hand-picked packaging tips when you are launching a new product.

Know about your customers

Analysing and understanding your customers is highly important. Most business entrepreneurs focus on knowing about their customers. Because it is one of the best ways to get maximum conversions. Always, make your customers happy by ensuring great services in terms of packaging and quality. It is the crucial element in the product packaging.

However, marketers need to analyse and understand customers before packaging a product. It requires start-to-end analysis, preferences, purchase patterns, browsing history, wish-listed products and more. Analyse everything and reach the customer’s expectations with effective packaging design. If the customer is a kid, wrap the product with cartoon design.

Keep an eye on competitors

Competitor analysis can make or break your marketing strategy.

Every day, countless products are launched in the market. Every product has a small or large competition in the marketing world. Competitive analysis is important for businesses to make a product successful. It’s no secret, competitor research can take a few months or years. But, investing in competitive research can yield long-term rewards.

Competitive analysis includes capturing information such as

  • Where their brand name is displayed on the package?
  • Do competitors are offering different product box with different prices?
  • What type of material they are using to pack a product?
  • How a series of products are been displayed?
  • How they are protecting their product from damage?

Knowing about your competitor’s strategies can help a new product launch.

Provide complete information about the product

The uniqueness while packaging a product can set it apart from the tremendous competition. Information packaging is an effective approach to present product information to your customers. While packaging, the designer needs to provide clear information about

  • Brand name, logo and tagline
  • Product name
  • Size and weight
  • Cost
  • Manufacturing date
  • Expiry date
  • Address
  • Step-by-step procedure to use the product, etc.

The product information on the packaging box provides every detail about the product. It helps customers to understand the product and how to use it.

Evaluate a packaging design

Do you have amazing design ideas? Yes!!! It’s the perfect time to give yourself feedback before packaging.

Is everything informative about your product? When a customer looks at the package, they should understand what is the product and where it’s from? Keep a note, your product packaging should consist of every detail.

Never misrepresent your product. The photo on the packaging and the product should be the same.

A good designer can provide great designs for their customers. Offering flat and 3-dimensions can be the best way to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure your packaging is reusable. Consider, grocery tote. It can be used in the future. Print your brand name on a tote bag, it indicates free marketing!!!

Approach influencer to review your product

Customers research about the product before placing an order. They begin with online searches to product reviews. As per the analysis, 59% of consumers read online product reviews before purchasing.

When the customer realises the benefits of the product, they start ordering. Probably, word-of-mouth marketing will apply in product packaging. When the customer feels convenient and satisfied with your product, they start promoting your product with their friends and family members. Never miss a chance to impress your customer, approach influencers to review the product.


Packaging keeps everything organized. Whether it can be mobile or a bottle, product packaging is the process of providing an external touch for a product. It includes design, material, wrapping sheet, box and more.  Assuring great packaging service can result in potential customer relationships and increases word-to-mouth recommendation.