7 Tips for High-Tech Presentations


Creating a presentation can be a frustrating experience if you have never done it before. However, there are a multitude of tools that you can use to help you out with the creation process. The days of using overhead projectors with hand-drawn slides are done, today’s modern technology has created a revolution in the way information is captured and presented. Programs and technologies can assist anyone with creating mesmerizing presentations that keep the attention of your audience squarely focused on the information you are presenting. Creating a business powerpoint presentation is now easier than ever and even kids can do it. Here are seven tips you can use in your first presentation to really make it pop and drive home your ideas to your audience.

  1. Create Outstanding Animations

    You can use animations in your presentation to increase the visual effect of your presentation and capture the attention of your audience. No-one wants to sit through a dry, boring presentation so make sure you bring yours to life by inserting customizable animations using PowerPoint. PowerPoint has a user-friendly animations tab that will allow you to create compelling animations that drive audience engagement. They are a must for anyone that wants to offer their audiences interesting visuals that will actually be paid attention to.
  2. Make Your Text and Images Pop

    Text and images are key components of presentations and anything you can do to enhance their visual impact will improve your presentation and capture your audience’s attention. Use presentation editing programs such as PowerPoint, Prezi, or PowToon Studio to bring your images and text to life. The easy, user-friendly navigation of these programs allow you to create text that shakes, glows, or turns. There are so many options to choose from that it may feel a bit overwhelming the first time you explore the functionality of the program. However, when you have discovered the these that works for you, all you need to do is save your settings and apply it to all of your important keywords and images.
  3. Narrating Your Slides

    With the power of a narration tool that is available in your presentation software suite, you can now use another voice to add greater impact to your presentation. If you have a slideshow of certain images, incorporating narration can be a very effective way to increase the visual and auditory impression of your presentation. If you find that you are hesitant to speak in front of large audiences, then this tool could be incredibly useful to you and save you from making mistakes during your presentation.
  4. Create Charts and Graphs for Visual Expression

    Information from graphs, vector illustrations, and data visualization statistics can now be easily incorporated directly into your presentations by using presentation software that allows you to create them within the program itself. The right images, charts, and graphs can provide your audience with a visual cue that relays a lot of information in one, easy to reference image.
  5. Embedding YouTube Videos

    YouTube videos are now a staple form of entertainment for millions of people all across the world. You can now take advantage of this platform and incorporate videos into your presentation. Most software presentation suites now enable you to simply drop the URL of your video directly into your presentation where it is regenerated into the presentation slide.
  6. Create Attractive Backgrounds

    Adding an attractive background to your presentation will enhance the visual appeal of the text, images, and videos in your presentation. Most software presentation suites will offer a wide variety of backgrounds for you to choose from. When creating your background remember to keep it subtle as to not draw away the attention of your audience from the text and images. There is so much choice available in background templates that you may end up spending hours selecting your final choice. As a tip to save time, make your backgrounds a variation of your corporate or brands colors to give a holistic feel to your presentation.
  7. Templates for Great Presentations

    Use the power of templates to put the final touches on your presentation and turn it into a masterpiece. Templates are a fantastic way of creating a visual theme throughout your entire presentation that keeps your audience interested. There are thousands of templates to choose from. You may find a few on your software suite but there are also plenty of others that are available from independent graphic artists that have specifically created templates for any sort of presentation.

The Final Thought

There you have it, seven effective tips to use the next time you create a presentation. Maximize your visual impact with these tools and swoop your way into the information age with a presentation that blows away your audience and lands you the deal you need.