A Guide to Digital Marketing Resources


When it comes to marketing businesses, there are so many options out there it can be overwhelming. Not only that, but the business world moves at a significant pace, so it is important to be on the ball at all times to keep up to date with the latest trends. Sometimes all a business needs is a starting point, which is why this piece has been put together to guide businesses on some excellent digital marketing resources to help businesses stay on top of the ever-moving marketing sector and make the most out of their marketing efforts. 

Podcasts as a Digital Marketing Resource

Podcasts have really come into their own in the past few years, offering valuable insight on pretty much any business sector going and marketing is no exception. Podcasts often have content that divulges information from some of the professionals at the top of their game, and those who have made a name for themselves in the business world.

A useful thing about podcasts is that they are flexible, allowing listeners to learn on the go without having to schedule out time. Podcasts are great to combine with travel or exercise!

Here is a list of eight of the best marketing podcasts as chosen by Forbes.

All-Around Marketing Tools

There are many marketing tools out there to help run a campaign, and for a campaign to be successful it is important to cover all the fundamentals. A hashtag expert will help marketers choose appropriate trending hashtags for their business to get the most notice. Programs like SEM Rush will help with keyword research, content marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC), and for those who want a more personal touch to their campaigns, using an 800 service gives consumers the option of a toll-free number to contact, while giving the business data-driven insights into their campaign. And not to forget businesses who want to dominate social media, Social Media Examiner is a great hub of information specifically geared to the online social world.  

Blogs as a Digital Marketing Resource

Up to date blogs are a fantastic way to keep on track with the latest trends and happenings when it comes to marketing. Usually rich with useful content, blogs are an easy way to digest updates and any new ‘must know’ news.

Google Ads 

A blog that can be particularly useful to the marketing sector is the Google Ads Blog. This blog focuses heavily on Google Analytics content which can only be an excellent resource for understanding how Google Analytics can help grow a business. It also offers important insight into how-to articles and other Google products such as Ad Sense.

This is a great opportunity to learn from the masters!

Search Engine Watch 

Search Engine Watch has been mastering marketing from 1996! Because of that, it is not hard to imagine the wealth of knowledge this blog has to offer, especially in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC. There is also useful information in social media marketing and other sectors that can really complement a business!