The Best Tips on Design for Your Ideal Banner


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The banner, regardless if it’s roller banners, pull up banners, PVC banners, pop up banners, or more – is beyond doubt one of the best ways to promote your business, brand, product, or service. Not only is it very cost-effective, it allows you to be creative and reach your audience in different ways.

However, designing your banner needs to be done well – it needs to be engineered so that it appeals to the maximum amount of people in the minimum time. Hence, it requires some thought. Are you having trouble designing your banner so it’s really effective? Here are some of the best tips on design for your ideal banner.

It has to be visible

The font size can be small or large – and although the size of your banner will be a big factor in your decision-making, the crucial aspect is really the distance between the reader and the banner. The further the crowd is expected to be, the larger the lettering will have to be. It’s all about visibility. Make sure you understand the relationship between two aspects: the crowd and the banner.

Pick the right theme

Will you be using the sign for a specific event? In that case, stick with the theme and try to proclaim the mood of the occasion. However, if you are planning to use the banner for several separate events, it may be better to remain as neutral as possible (when it comes to theme) and stick with the importance of the message itself.

Choose your colours

It’s often tempting to make the background as bright as possible (so as to attract attention), but you have to make sure that the message itself is still easy to read and understand, so make sure the colours you choose do not detract from what you’re trying to convey. Choose colours that have high contrast when it comes to background versus lettering and fonts.

Keeping it simple

Banner design is about one thing: less is more. Keep it simple. Never overcrowd.

Fonts: size and distance

Here’s a simple guide: calculate the distance between the banner and the crowd, and divide that by ten. That’s how tall your letters should be. So, if the crowd is 30 metres away, make your letters 3 metres tall for maximum reading impact.

The truth is that it’s a delicate balancing act, so you may have to try out different versions before you accomplish that great banner printing design. Bright colours and great colour contrast (such as yellow on black, for example) are bound to give you great visibility, but if you overdo it your message may be ignored and only the colours will be remembered. Try it out – and make sure you ask your prospective clients what they think about your design before you put it out there. They matter most, after all.