To finish our tasks and job desks in shorter period of time, we may need to connect some of USB devices at once anyway. They can be some flash disks, a hardisk, and even the Smartphone to the PC. Unfortunately, although it sounds simple, this is not an easy thing to do. As you know, our PC commonly only has 3 USB ports. Meanwhile, when the gap between two ports is too close, it is somehow impossible to put them in together. What is the solution anyway? Of course, it means that USB Hub is undoubtedly needed. To buy one, make sure to be careful since not all USB Hubs available in the stores are properly functioned.

Here it is; one of the most recommended USB Hub. It is the QacQoc GNH30H Premium USB-C Hub with Power Delivery 3. It is not exaggerated if this device is claimed as Super Speed. In fact, different from other Hubs or connectors that make the sending process lower, this one is just in contrast. It even empowers the connection so that the sending or pasting activities can just be faster.


For you who don’t like something too much, with details, and the likes, this series from QacQoc is really suitable. The design of this design is simple but elegant with its long-square shape. It has quite thin width which is only around the width of your USB Port. There are some color options that makes the general design of QacQoc GNH30H looks more elegant and beautiful. The colors are grey, silver, gold, and rose gold. Aside from that, this device is also surprisingly light although slightly it looks quite heavy for its metallic material. When you buy this device, you can also enjoy the cable port that is strong enough. In term of appearance, this USB connector is indeed nice, simple, and portable to be carried anywhere you want.


For such a small device, it has pretty complete functions. Yes, despite the availability of 3 USB 3.0 ports, there are also 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port, 1 HDMI output, 1 SD card slot, and 1 TF card slot. In other words, QacQoc GNH30H is provided for any possible accessories. Meanwhile, it is also equipped by the cable to connect this device with some types of gadgets including MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, and more.

Who says that USB connector is only a connector without playing any other roles for file performance? In fact, this series from QacQoc definitely spoils the users with the features of High Definition and View Larger as well as the HDMI @4K 30HZ Video Output Port. What are the functions of those features? It is to mirror the display of your PC to support the HDMI feature. It is very good for activities like presentations of watching movies. What is the result? It is that the image or video displayed has better quality even when the screen is much larger like when using projectors. Therefore, this USB C HUB makes the video streaming via high resolution PC or TV feels more satisfying.