Mobile spying is slowly converting into a global trend and people are using spying apps for various reasons. Most of the text monitoring app brands work on Android and iPhone devices and if you are worried that they will affect the performance of your phone, then forget about it.

The spying apps are being used to monitor the activities of employees, track a family member, monitor the location of workers, see if your spouse is loyal to you and even to trace a missing phone. The best part is these apps are available in different languages. These apps work in super-stealth mode, without letting the other person know there is some snooping involved.

xnspy.com has been in the list of some of the popular text monitoring apps. It works on iPhone and Android and as soon as it is installed on the target device, it starts monitoring within just 10 minutes. The iPhone users don’t have to worry about jailbreaking their phone. But if the iPhone is already jailbroken, there is an Xnspy version for iPhone with jailbreak too.

How does Xnspy work?

To start monitoring a device, you must log into your web account via the official website.  The dashboard there displays everything you need to see. It’s like you are actually using the target device (the phone which you are monitoring) from a desktop.


What can you do with Xnspy?

Xnspy isn’t a typical text monitoring app. How? It comes with some of the following interesting features:

Common Features

  • View call logs
  • View text messages
  • Track location
  • Read emails
  • Monitor online activities

Advanced Features

  • Geo-Fencing


You can mark a specific area unsafe and if the target device enters that location, you will start getting alerts on your phone. It uses Google Maps on Android and Find My iPhone on iOS to find the location of the device. It’s location detection is better than most apps that don’t provide reliable information.

  • Access Instant Messenger Chats

You can read Facebook messenger chats, iMessages, WhatsApp conversations (calls, chats & photos), Viber conversations (calls, Chats & photos), Kik messenger chats, Tinder messages, Skype chats and Instagram photos. You can also view photos saved from these messengers in the phone’s gallery.

  • Record Phone Calls and Surroundings


One feature that everyone’s going like about Xnspy is its ability of recording phone calls and surroundings. You can do that anytime and the target device won’t even know about it. This can be done with one single remote command. The microphone of the target device turns on and it starts recording the surroundings. The quality of the recording is quite crisp unlike other apps that don’t clearly record the surroundings.

  • Remotely Control the Target Phone

You can control the target device from a remote location too. Some amazing things that this text monitoring app allows you to do are:

  • Lock the phone (best thing parents can do to prevent their kid from using the phone)
  • View the apps installed in the device
  • Take screenshots (you can even remotely take screenshots and save them in your computer)
  • Block apps (If you find any app on the target device that’s not suitable, you can simply block it.)

For detail visit this URL: https://xnspy.com/features/sms.html

  • Get Alerts


You can set alerts on specific words, if the target device changes the SIM card or when a specific location is checked in or out.



The app has two editions. The Basic Edition costs $8.33 per month and the Premium Edition costs $12.49 per month.

Is it worth it?

Xnspy looks like a great app but everything comes with some limitations. Firstly, there is no trial version of the app so you simply have to purchase the subscription to use it. Although it is cheaper as compared to other spying apps out there but, if you want to monitor another device, you will have to purchase a separate subscription for that. One subscription is for one device only.

Other than these flaws, it’s a nice spying app for iPhone and Android. It’s equipped with all the right features which seem to be a good value for money. It does not slow down the performance of the target device. Even if you are not using the app for a while, it keeps on creating a backup of the data so you won’t miss out anything.