Ditch the Office: Reasons to Go Remote


Technology is freeing business owners from the traditional demands of commerce. Throughout human history, people who to sell their wares or provide a service needed a physical location. Starting a business under these conditions was often very expensive.

The internet has changed everything. You can now become an entrepreneur from the comfort of your living room. Being a remote worker comes with a bundle of advantages. You can do it if you’re a sole proprietorship or corporation.

In fact, it’s now so easy to stay connected to people that you can even run your business abroad if you want. You’ll have to stay on top of different regulations, but it’s absolutely manageable. You can even continue to get your packages mailed to you without paying an arm and a leg in shipping costs.

How? Consider shipping to the Bahamas. A package-forwarding company will give you an address to ship and forward your mail. BluePostal remarks on their website that: “Consumers and business owners worldwide benefit from establishing a U.S. address with BluePostal for package and mail forwarding services. Our services allow consumers around the globe to buy goods from U.S. retailers and ship to The Bahamas. We then ship the goods to their home or business.”

Here are some benefits to staying remote.


If you don’t have to go to a physical office every work day, you have the freedom to live your life wherever you want. You can travel and become a digital nomad.

Or you can cocoon yourself in your home office and glory in being able to work in your pajamas. The point is that you have options that typically weren’t available to workers in the past.

Your employees will appreciate working from home as well. Think about creating a training guide to help people some transition. After all, a home office presents special challenges. The allure of video games, TV, etc., are hard to resist.

There’s also a slight inconvenience involved in setting up meetings. If you decide that you need to see a client or employee in person, you’ll have to work to make that happen. A minor meeting or a gathering of your employees is simple. A local coffee shop will work fine.

However, there may be times when you want access to a more professional meeting space. In almost every major city in the U.S., you can rent office space by the hour, day, or week. It’s the perfect solution.


One of the biggest benefits of being remote is cost savings. Both you and your employees should feel it. You never have to sit in rush hour traffic, inching along at a mile a minute. You’ll never have to race around your bedroom looking for something to wear work. In fact, you don’t need a work clothing budget at all.

Obviously, your biggest savings will be in the office space. Renting an office or warehouse is often very expensive. Avoiding that cost could be huge for your business, especially in the early days.

You can even stay remote as your team grows. There are organizations with thousands of remote workers. Reliable, fast internet can be found almost anywhere. There are messaging websites and apps that exist solely for workers. You can email, text message, video chat, etc.

Owning a business is the American dream. Keeping everything online can feel less satisfying. You don’t get to have the experience of walking into your own office or storefront. However, the benefits are enough to combat this.


You can hire people across the globe if you’re willing to let them work remotely. That opens up a huge talent pool for you. Instead of only considering applicants in your city, or people willing to relocate, you can look at anyone.

Building a strong team is crucial if you want your business to do well. Working from home is such a big perk for most workers that you should have no trouble filling positions.

Just make sure that you have a solid communication strategy in place. No one should be unreachable during work hours. This is easily settled. Simply tell your employees to remain online during work.

Technology’s influence on our lives is only going to increase. It’s going to become easier and easier to reach out to other people. Virtual reality will soon allow you to hold intimate meetings no matter where you are.

A remote working experience isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you.