List of 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Email marketing


One of the best ways for every business entrepreneurs to remain top of mind with existing customers in today’s world of increasing digital landscape is through email marketing. Email list forms an integral part of any email marketing campaign; records like this are useful as they go a long way to help you turn your business into a profitable investment. With time if you can exercise patience, your subscribers will, in turn, become loyal to you. However, for you to have a hitch-free marketing campaign, you are urged to follow the dos and don’ts that guide email marketing if you want to build and maintain a responsive email list. Let’s give you a List of 10 Dos and Don’ts of Email marketing, but at first, we shall be explaining the dos before ending with the don’ts.


Write a useful and attractive subject line: users don’t like to read subject headings that will not look engaging to them. 33% of subscribers on email list open emails because of how convincing the subject line sound to them. Ensure you keep your subject line short and ensure you provide an apparent reason for subscribers to open mail.

Use a double opt-in email list: as more people come into the email list campaigns as means of reaching loyal subscribers, spamming (sending inappropriate emails) have also increased making people more skeptical before opening a mail, although email spam filters have tried their best to address this menace. However, as a responsible email marketer, the best way to go about it is to create a double opt-in list that will confirm recipients want to receive your mail.

Track metrics and conduct A/B Testing:  as you continue in your email blasting, don’t forget to check the performance of your lists. Pay attention to the data of the previous file you sent and test the hypothesis about improvements you have made via A/B testing; it will help answer questions not clear to you and make you know how you can take your efforts to the next level. The more data you can capture with the A/B testing system the more strategic you can be going forward.

Segment your lists: you have an email list does not mean you have to send mail to every one of them.  Depending on the rate you receive responses to your letters, some emails may be particular for some categories of people and not for those that are very responsive each time you mail them about your business. In situations like this, you need to segment your lists. These will go a long way to help you in reaching your targeted subscribers with the right message at the right time.

Monitor bounce rate: monitoring bounce rate is part of the overall metrics you need to analyze, so you will be able to make more informed decisions about your email marketing strategy. You need to pay attention to people that you receive bounce emails from because if your bounce rate is too high, you risk your domain marked as a lousy and irrelevant one, and that can damage your email marketing efforts.

The don’ts 

For every do there must be a don’t. A lot of email marketers make mistakes when making decisions, but it continues to be a thing of worry why they make those mistakes, or we should assume they are not well informed before they start to blast emails. To avoid cases like this let’s look at the significant five don’ts in email marketing.

Don’t lose patience: email list and marketing is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. Majority of those that receive your mail today may not respond due to their tight schedule, but in the future, they may become your best subscribers.

Don’t forget about mobiles: your mistake will be very critical if you choose to neglect mobile users, most especially if your target audience is specifically laptop and desktop users. Taking decisions like this will make you miss out on a vast number of subscribers. Recent research results show that one-third of emails are read on mobile devices users, meaning that mobile device users read 50 percent of email blasted. In this wise, ensure your letters are designed to be viewed on smaller screens too not only on more full screens like a laptop, desktop, iPad and so on.

Don’t buy lists: there is no doubt that purchasing email list is also a better source to reach out to people, at the same time do not forget taking such steps is not good for you. Buying lists will give you negative impact and make your message look like spam to people. Email marketing is relevant only when you send emails to those who at least are interested in your brand and have asked to receive information about your service.  When you buy lists, the people you are sending the emails to may not be familiar with your brand and will be wondering if they ask you to contact them. More so, as an email marketer you as well don’t know much about them too, so it will seem like you are sending mail to ghosts mail owners.

Don’t send emails without testing:  make sure you test run your emails before it finally goes to your prospects. Why is because you need to understand that the design of your letter looks the exact way it ought to look like, ensure the links attached to the emails are working correctly, make sure you are sending an error-free message.

Don’t forget to add subscription button on your site: by adding a subscription button to your site makes it easy for folks to opt-in for your email campaign. It’s an excellent way to build a list and anybody subscribing for your mail is doing so because they have shown interest in what you are doing.

With the simple tips, you have just read about email marketing, we expect and believe that you will not have a problem as a newbie setting up your email campaign. However, remember that you will need an email marketing company that will help you in sending your emails.