10 Basic Fixes for Firestick No Signal Issues for beginners in 2021? Dos and Don’ts


With the advancement in technology, everybody is using Firestick due to its remarkable services. In the meantime of the COVD, where pupils all over the world are in lockdown and sitting idle after online education. Hence, they buy a fire stick to get their boring routines for some Colorful TV screens entertainment. What to do when you are alone to self-help to Jailbreak a firestick with no signal issue appears on your TV screen? What you can do in such a situation else than switch your TV off and turn it on again. For the time being, the error will disappear but what if it troubles you again?

The way out that work best for the beginners starts at home before calling for a service to fix the issue.

How to fix a fire stick with no signal issues for beginners in 2021?

1. Check Whether Fire Stick is broken

This is not an easy task to upkeep things in a systematic manner. If your fire stick is fallen or broken due to some reasons, what you will do to connect your fire stick again. With a popup that says, “4k No Signal & Black Screen firestick” you need to fix this issue with a sole solution i.e. to replace your Firestick. This message says your fire-stick is no more to use because something inside it not properly functioning hence it is damaged. 

2. Distorted or disrupted Cables, Wires or Ports 

Cables, wires and ports are the essential parts for any system to work thoroughly and properly. With the help of these cables, the main information passes through. Any distortion or disruption in these ports, cables or wires may cause a serious issue of no signal in the Fire stick on HDMI. 

  • You should cautious to check all HDMI cables are connected firmly or not. 
  • If an HDMI cable or port is working abnormally you should replace it. 
  • Use original HDMI cables or ports to Jailbreak a firestick
  • You need to be sure all ports functionality is with proper functioning.

3. Screen Resolution needs to be fix

Are you wondering to know that screen resolution matters a lot to fix a fire stick in your Samsung TV? You should need to know display disturbance is a major loss to your TV with no signal issues of your Firesticks. It suggests that you should select the high resolution to keep your TV safe from any display disturbance. Keep it on auto resolution mode afterwards it will auto arranged usually. 

Use the following guide to fix screen resolution on your TV screens. 

  • With help of your TV remote, you need to press and hold remind button instantly until its setting appears on the TV screen to autofill. 
  • Now, you can see the screen resolution setting menu. 
  • You can click the option for auto resolution setting or can set it according to your own. 
  • By saving all the settings you made, you can resolve your fire stick with no signal issues. 

Here is the basic information about screen resolution. 

  • Standard Screen Resolution 480p
  • HD screen resolution 720p
  • Full high definition screen resolution 1080p
  • Quad high definition screen resolution 1600p
  • 4k

4. Rebooting Your Device may be Essential 

Sometimes when you reboot your Television it does not show the screen for a while and went into dark mode. After some time, you will see a fire stick signal problem right away. Following is the step by step guide to fix this issue. 

  • After turning your TV off, remove all the ports and wires even unplug the power source. 
  • Wait for 5 minutes, until your TV restart again. 
  • After reconnecting all HDMI ports, you will notice your problem is fixed maybe with a beginner guide at home. 

5. Recheck Network Settings 

To make sure that the firestick is not disturbed due to the network setting, you can use your computer to know whether there is an issue with the network or not. You need to follow the following steps. 

  • Go to the Control Panel, Click onto the Network and Internet setting to reach the Option Manage Network Connection. 
  • Afterwards, approaching LAN, click on the complete network setting option. 

In this way you can check fire stick setting is disrupted due to the internet or not as follows:

  • Firestick home screen will be appear 
  • Look for System Menu
  • There is a Play and Pause button shown in the list that appears in front of you. 
  • You need to play and pause approx. for 1 minute, it is automatically going to set all the settings for you. 

6. Resolve Firestick no signal issues on HDMI

There is a sole solution to resolve the fire stick no signal issues, you should unplug all the wires even the power source of your TV. Though, you wait for 30 seconds to connect these HDMI ports again with your TV. After 30 seconds turn on your TV, it will take 20 seconds to initialize the previewing system on screen. Though, you will notice, HDMI ports has resolved your issue without calling for service. 

7. HDMI may be an issue

When you see there is no signal on HDMI then you should recheck that in which port of HDMI you have interlinked FireStick whether you are checking in another HDMI port. In such a situation there appear no signal error moving with a dialog box saying NO SIGNAL floating all over on the screen in rounds. You need to change your HDMI port to a relevant fire-stick port. 

8. Something went wrong with Hardware 

Your hardware faults in your TV systems may damage all the physical connection with your TV even fire stick no signal issues troubles you. At that point, you can do nothing at home, where you need to call for a technician service. In this way, you can fix all the issues regarding your fire-stick. 

9. Drivers are disrupted

You cannot be able to jailbreak a firestick unless or until you are not sure that all the drivers are not disturbed and disrupted. For this reason, you need to fix a firestick with no signal issue. If your drivers are not updated this may cause your firestick with no signal issues. In such a scenario, install or update all drivers. 

10. Major Firestick error in HDCP 

If there is an error of HDCP, then your firestick cannot connect with the TV as it should be. You need to call a technical team to resolve HDCP error issues to further resolve a firestick no signal issues.