10 Benefits of email marketing for your business


As social media is becoming popular, deciding where to invest your marketing dollars is a challenging task. This isn’t a decision you take easily. You need to work hard and know a few marketing strategies. Strive hard to attract new clients and keep engaging your existing customers to come back. At last, you can’t afford to invest in everything for the resources that aren’t delivering the desired results as you expect. So what’s the solution? The best answer is email marketing. It has been here for years and continues to drive notable results for small and medium businesses around the globe. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an effective and essential tool for smart marketers. It is used to promote your services or products and develop a relationship around the world. It’s a form of direct marketing that accepts electronic mail to communicate commercially and attracts the audience. You can even send friendly emails to yourleads to keep in contact with them. This promotes your business and gain customers. In wider terms, every email sent to the target customers is regarded as email marketing. It is one among the other segments of internet marketing which includes

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Blogs etc. 

It’s a typical direct mail instead of postal services, the marketing sends messages electronically through email. This enhances and improves relationships with new, current and previous customers. The email which you send to the customers comes in various forms like

Direct cold calling

Notification emails


Thank-you emails

Feedback emails

Update emails 

Various communication strategies through email marketing

Email marketing strategies have been significantly used recently by all marketers. Besides, promotions and discounts, companies are focusing more on content in terms of shopping integration, audience and re-engagement campaigns and more. According to the recent figures, there will be 4.3 billion email users by 2023. That means there will be $44 revenue for every penny sent on an average. 

Hence, through mail marketing, you can communicate about your products in the following way

  • Commercially announcing about promotions or new products
  • Retain customers by increasing loyalty, relationships and generate more sales
  • Inform the clients about any future events and get feedback for the products or services they are using
  • Inform users when the physical stores are located to visit your stores and become customers

Benefits of email marketing

With the ever-changing digital world, email marketing is a must and takes a front seat. Moreover, 89% of marketers consider email as successful marketing strategy and 92% of internet users have an active email account. Moreover, many prefer to receive business information through email. Hence here is a compiled list of benefits of how email marketing can do wonders to your business.

Shareable content 

Write the content that is easy and shareable. Include all the email and social media share buttons accessible in your email messages and allows readers to quickly share their emails with their dear ones. For this the content which you’re curating need to be valuable and relevant.  This enlightens customers in improving your reach and bring in new leads. For this, you need to understand the demographics of the target audience and incorporate that in your email feeds. 

Generate calls and strengthens relationships

An email is a primary form of communication. Managers, nowadays are relying heavily on it to get traction. Whenever you send an email with a Mobile number added to it, You’ll get floods of calls to your smartphones. Hence it’s a sure shot way to generate calls. But it has to be done right to reach the right audience with the right promotional offer at the right time. 

When the right guidelines are followed, it builds a strong consumer base and strengthens relationships. Therefore, it is important to have the right communication tool for your business. Striking the right note with emails makes you stay top-of-the consumer’s mind and keep them engaged. It makes people feel that they are included. 


Email marketing is relatively less when compared to any other traditional marketing approaches like print media and postages. These traditional tactics require advertisement space and printing charges. There are postage costs or fees paid for magazines, billboards or television channel to get exposure. But email marketing needs only your time and appropriate resources. If at all you have to pay, consider only software, and for measuring and evaluating emails the fees is considerably less.  

Instant impact

Are you running a small business? Then every client appointment, sale and order can have a major impact. With email, you get the desired results in the right way. You can even track how different email marketing campaigns are working. It’s oblivious to say, that you get instantaneous response through orders. To trigger sales, think of special content to put out there in the email. The results can be seen within a few hours of emails being sent. 

For instance, if there is a deal of the 24-hour special discount and drafted the email for your targeted audience, then the response will be instant, and there is a chance for subscribers to make a deal within that day. 

Drive Revenue

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for generating impulse buying. There is no other platform which provides information about the product or service within two clicks. Besides, there are no other digital marketing approaches which make you sell your products directly from the website. But email marketing can take your audience straight to the purchase funnel. Moreover, append CTA button to your email which helps your businesses to drive more conversions. 

Reach people on any device 

The impact of email on mobile is undeniable. Many people are now on mobiles for every activity they’re using smartphones. Based on the latest figures, 49% of the email opens are done through smartphones. Through this, you can reach the users wherever they are and on any device they are. This improves visibility and reach in the long run.  Ensure that the emails are easy to open and read from any devices, focusing on images and text on the page. 

Brand awareness

Whenever you sent an email, with the latest updates and trends, your customers will be more exposed to the brand and business. This creates more understanding of your product and services. With smart design, strategic planning and targeted content there will be a more added value to the business. If you practice this, you will be remembered continuously. Then whenever your customer needs the product or services which you’re into then there will be better chances of approaching you. Turn them into leads and loyal customers. The major advantage of email marketing is that it maximises your brand awareness in your targeted audience.

Saves time

Through automation tools, you can set your emails that can be sent to customers based on the actions they perform. For example, send promotional emails to subscribe and convince them to buy a product after registration. When effectively implemented, you boost sales and increase revenue. You can also provide any discounts or incentives. Develop a template and once you have done with it, you can reuse it for various email campaigns. Without wasting time, generate automated emails and attract 2X higher open rates and 3x click-through rates. 

Personalized content

Relevancy and personalization are the mainstays for every content in the digital marketing field. They are no longer a choice but a must-have in email marketing campaigns. Implement this in your email marketing strategies and reap the benefits. According to the research, 72% of the users say, they engage with the brand only when the messages are personalized according to their interests. Moreover, 90% of consumers say they are willing to share the data when it is easier and conveys relevancy. 

On the contrary, 63% of customers stop buying the brands when they see poor or no personalized content. Most service providers segment their emails according to the basic parameters like country, gender, language and other data like several purchases, engagement etc. With this, there will be 10X customer experience and increase in customer loyalty and higher ROI.

No limit to the character

Many social media techniques, platforms and PPC ads recommend you to have a set limit of characters. If you exceed that, they will not consider that content. But, email marketing doesn’t allow any character limit. If it is valuable content, you can have a lengthy content also. Again, don’t take advantage of this and send novel-length emails to your leads and consumers. However, by considering all the goals and vision of the email you can take the opportunity of having a lengthier content. Keep this in mind, while crafting an email and have a streamlined process. 

Requirements of an email marketing campaign

After knowing the benefits it is now the time to know what are the other requirements that makes your email beautiful and attracts the audience to open it. Every effective email needs to focus on this and attract the attention of busy people. Here are those three email campaigns you need to remember while drafting 

  • Interesting graphics and imagery
  • Responsive design
  • Appropriate call to action by adding something of value to the readers

Final Thoughts

The benefits of email marketing for a business is endless and seems to be never-ending. Above are only some of the benefits listed. In fact, there are many advantages to it. This potent digital marketing tactic provides businesses with a profound way of attracting and engaging the audience by reaching them at their convenience. What more do you want you can send numerous emails which are listed here and reap benefits from them. you can send 

  • Welcome emails
  • Digests
  • Purchase or order receipts and confirmation
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Event invitations 
  • Milestone emails
  • Re-engagement email campaigns

Now as you are clear that email marketing is an effective digital marketing tactic, use them in your business and gain more conversion rates. So, what are you waiting for? Start your email marketing campaigns now and get the benefits in tons.