10 Best Apple Watch Apps For 2018

apple watch

If you have an Apple Watch or are thinking of buying one, we present the 10 best Apple watch apps for 2018 that you should have installed on your watch.

Apple launched, after months and months of rumors, its smart watch Apple Watch in 2015.Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Apple Watch is quite functionalsimple, as is downloading applications for the watch. The best way to do it is from the iPhone phone, opening the Watch application and going to the App Store section, or searching for them by keywords. But orienting yourself between so much app is not always easy. Here we recommend 10 essential applications and welcome you to the MacsPro knowledge base.

  1. Seven: Being in shapenot only serves to show off but also to make the body feel better. Going to the gym is a good option, but so is exercising at home. Seven is an application that presents different exercises under one premise: the challenge is to do exercises 7 minutes a day for 7 months.
  2. Bit journey: Bit Journeyis a successful game for iPhone that has a version for Apple Watch. In the Bit Journey for Watch app, you have to feed three petstrain them, play with them and educate them to level up. The grace of the app is that these pets can be used in the mobile game in real time; you just have to ‘launch’ them from the Apple Watch.
  3. Wunderlist: Whether you are forgetful or if you remember everything but you like to keep orderin your life, Wunderlistis an application that should be on your Apple smart watch. It is a simple and intuitive task manager that is synchronized instantly with the mobile or computer versions and from which you can add pending appointments, make the shopping list or plan the holidays, always in a simple way. You can set alarms for tasks, date of expiration or even add files and notes to the notes outstanding things.
  4. Live time: Checking the weatherwas never as easy as with applications like Live Weather. Using it is very simple and allows us to know the climatology of where we are with a quick analysis of the data provided by official bodies. You can see the current status, emergency warningshumidity, visibility, as well as precipitation.
  5. Kitchen stories: If we do not like to stain the phone every time we are preparing a new recipe, having that cooking guideon your wrist is a good idea. That’s what Kitchen Stories proposes. It is a cookbook for Apple watches with a large number of recipes and a very visual execution. It shows how to prepare the dishes step-by-step, with photographs, but also with text when it comes to the ingredients or relevant information.
  6. My Spaceship: Younger children also have the right to playwith their parents’ phones and watches. A good way to get entertained and step-by-step is with applications like My Spaceship. The application seeks to teach the details of the universe to the little ones, and it does so in the form of a game in which we have to set the guidelines for our Spacecraft to achieve some objectives.
  7. Lifesum: We can take care of ourselves by doing more exercise or by improving day-to-day aspectsthat we usually pay no attention to. The application for Apple Watch Lifesum seeks that users have a healthier life. And it does so with a program that collects statistics of the exercise performed, but also other questions such as how many glasses of water we have drunk during the day or the calories consumed and consumed.
  8. itranslate: Bringing a translatoron the wrist is never too much, either for our trips, to solve doubts at work. iTranslate is the ideal solution for this. Its operation is very simple. From the clock, the desired language is chosen, and then you just have to dictate the phrase or word that we want to translate.
  9. City mapper: Being late for work or an appointment because we donot know what public transportation to take is relatively common. Apps like City Mapper help in choosing the best transport in each moment. The Apple Watch version of this application is extremely simple but useful.
  10. Hours: An app with which we can control the time we dedicate to each task. This task comes well for those who work as afreelancer and need to control the time they dedicate to each project.