10 best SEO strategies to improve your website rankings


How to improve my Website Rankings

If you have a site and you post content regularly then it does not mean that your site’s rankings will hike up everyday just like that. You need to implement some strategies to get your site going and earn good ranking. If you are confused on how to do

so, follow these 10 best SEO strategies that will help your improve your website rankings.

1. Social networking

There is literally nobody in this modern world who does not a social networking account these days, be it Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or any other account. The internet has become a social place now-a-days. So, utilize these social networking sites to build a online community who will spread the good word for you website on your behalf.

2. Blog

Well, this is another great way you have, blogging with your own tips and tricks, you will let people take a sneak peek at your business while you narrate things your way.

3. Bookmarking

Social bookmarking will help build your site rankings in a great way. Take the help of websites like delicious and dig which will help people launch themselves and their websites in the world of internet.

4. Links

Providing links is the best way to improve your business and your site’s rankings too. Do not just provide your own links in your blog posts but also provide links of other blogs too. This way you will make good friends with other bloggers and they will do the same for you. So, you will improve your business and also have the possibility of getting new clients.

5. Share photos

The saying is true “ a picture can speak a 1000 words.” Share photos on your site. It is one of the best strategies in the SEO world to build your site rankings. You can share photos through the popular sites like Flickr or Picasa, which are the best ones for the job. You can try even the latest sensation Pinterest. You can convey your message clearly through pictures rather than words.

6. Videos

Videos will make your site’s rankings hike easily. So make videos of personal instructions by the CEO of the product or the creator of the product or even those who have used this product and certify its effectiveness. This way you can make your page rankings soar high. To make videos you can use top sites like You tube, Daily motion etc.

7. Spread the word

The best way to make your page rank high is by spreading the information through press release. This way you will tell the world of your doings and so attract a lot of traffic and ultimately rank your page high. Make use of the 3 best websites like Open PR, PR Leap and 1888pressreleases that press release your post and provide a link to your website and the appropriate page containing the article.

8. Answers

People search the internet for getting the answers to their queries. So try to answer the questions they have at Yahoo answers or other similar sites.

9. Share documents

Share your information on websites that provide document sharing. For example Google docs, this is the best place to share all your documents.

10. Articles

Write articles to promote your business expertise and services. Writing articles related to your business will help you in ranking high in the search engines. Create articles that provide entertainment and educate your site visitors. Search engines will respect good quality content and rank it accordingly.
These are the top 10 SEO strategies to improve your website rankings. Your site’s ranking will not reach the top over the night, so be patient and follow all the strategies.