10 Best Tech Gifts for the Digital Entrepreneur


10 Best Tech Gifts for the Digital Entrepreneur

It’s the rise of the digital entrepreneur, and online businesses are thriving now more than ever. Be it a startup or a physical store turned virtual, the same or sometimes even greater work and risks are put in to make sure the business flourishes.

We’re almost certain of two things that a tech/business person will truly appreciate – something that will take their game to the next level and something that will take them away from all the work and just relax even for just a few hours.

We’ve combined them and handpicked the 10 best gifts that will make work-life a bit easier for the digital entrepreneur in your life!

1.   Wine Gift Basket

Starting off the list is the perfect ender to a busy day. This is technically not a tech gift, but a glass of red wine after work (and after all the screen-time) will soothe the mind and relax the body. Send them a basket of “Cheers to new ideas”.

2.   Virtual Keyboard

A stretch, a walk, a snack, and a new workspace refreshes the mind. This is for those who can/need to work anywhere. A laser keyboard is handy and will allow them to type wherever they may be.

3.   Kindle

In case your giftee doesn’t have a Kindle yet, this one’s a must for e-readers. Preload it with business and motivational books to keep them going even when they’re traveling.

4.   Blue Light Glasses

This is an essential gift even for non-techies. With long hours in front of the screen, we can experience digital eye strain because of the blue light our devices emit. Gift them with these eye-protecting glasses that come in different designs.

5.   Skillshare Subscription

The most successful people are always eager to learn something new. They read books, watch videos, and try to master new skills to stay on top of their game. Skillshare offers thousands of classes about anything you can imagine.

6.   Head and Neck Massager

It’s like having a personal masseuse any time of day. A head and neck massager will allow your recipient to work while having a massage. They can use it anywhere even at a Zoom meeting.

7.   Waterproof Notepad

The greatest ideas sometimes formulate in the shower because the body is able to relax and the mind is given a refresh-button. This waterproof notepad is handy to those ideas that cannot wait to be jotted down.

8.   Smart Speaker

If your recipient uses more voice command than typing, a smart speaker is a perfect gift. It will make their daily tasks much easier with Alexa catering to their digital needs.

9.   HeadSpace Subscription

Stress can lead to burnout and halt major business decisions. A meditation app that will give them moments of calm each day can empty their mind and recharge their creative juices.

10. The Five Minute Journal

With its structured questions and exercises, users are able to hone their focus and goal-set in a creative way. This is more of dedicated time for their inner self because when the inside has clarity, it will metamorphose on their outside work.